Step 7: The End

Picture of The End
Now reassemble everything just the way you took it apart.

The electrical tape you installed will cause those metal divots to press the flexible circuit board more firmly against the flexible conductor. This should result in a much improved audible signal.

Good luck!, and say Hi to Aunt Ginny!
warwick306 years ago
Thank you VERY much. I was about to ditch my phone and would have had to sign up for a new 3 year contract to get another one. You have saved me a bundle. Great instructions; easy to follow. Sound now as loud as new. You are a saint!
rlheure17 years ago
Bravo.....my phone lasted over 3 years before I had the disappearing handpiece volume. You fix was easy to follow and worked great! Thanks
yarb19347 years ago
This Site is Priceless for the info that is available, My V551 Cell started to have problems with the ear piece, I went to Rogers to have it repaired I was told to scrap the Phone,with that answer I turned to Google and found your site now the problem is resolved and the sound is better than when the phone was new,Thanks a million regards Frank
rk627 years ago
Thank you very much. Instructions were excellent. I thought I was going to have to get a new phone, which meant locking into another 2 year contract to get the good price. I only use it as a basic phone and the new lower priced offerings seemed so flimsy. If anyone is considering a new phone for this reason, do yourself a favor and at least attempt this. It is not very technical and for the cost of a miniature tool set at Radio Shack, you will have a working phone and a tool set.
HELINTX7 years ago
I had no sound coming out of my earpiece. I tried your fix and now its as loud as can be!! Thankyou very much!!!!!
vspvilli8 years ago
What a great idea and simple procedure. I was about to throw this phone because of this trouble and buy an unlocked phone. I didn't even have idea that this can be done this way..........thanks a ton man for great pictures and clear instructions.
bcool8 years ago
Fantastic instructions!! Thanks so much for taking the time & effort to post these - it saved me having to get a new phone - or pay to have my V551 fixed! When I started having problems with it, I went to the Cingular store & the guy said, "yeah, there have been problems reported with this phone, but it's out of warranty so you either can get a new phone or take it to a local cellular repair store & pay to have it fixed". BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE INTERNET! BTW, after reading the note by GaryPSU, I used three pieces of electrical tape & that did the trick.
bobinnyc9 years ago
Holy shit!!! You guys saved me. I used to love this phone and then that love soon turned to real true hate. I've simulated throwing it to the ground many times. To make matters worse my peice of shit blue tooth ear piece rolled over and died. As I was getting ready to take the phone apart as instructed, I read what GaryPSU did. He just took off the blue cover and inserted a piece of tooth. So i cut a piece of a toothpick to size and voila! I can hear the phone turn on and off again! I forgot what it sounded like. It took all of 10 mins to do. Great instructions and a great short cut. Thank you both.
GaryPSU9 years ago
While a great idea, the electrical tape didn't quite make the best contact. I then shimmed a couple of toothpicks between the metal divots and the brown flexible circuit board. This worked tremendously, and doesn't require the un-clipping of the metal cover inside the phone.