Fix Yer Eye Patch





Introduction: Fix Yer Eye Patch

“Arrrr! Me eyepatch broke!! Curses upon this wretched thing!” you say, “now how am I suppost’ to fix this blasted device?” Never fear ye scallewags, I shall guide ye through this minor calamity relatively unscathed.

Step 1: Parts

  1. Yer broken eyepatch
  2. Knot tying skills (who don't know how to tye a bowline is an unsavory character at best)
  3. Horse glue (any glue will do, really)
  4. Rum ('tis optional since it 'tis solely for imbibing)

Step 2: Knot It

Tye ye a tight reef knot out of the two broken pieces of strap (If I have t' tell ye how to tye a reef knot, ye are the sorriest excuse of a pirate in all the 7 seas)

Step 3: Glue Yer Knot

After ye 'ave knotted up yer patch strap, apply a small amount of yer animal glue (I used E6000, tis an advanced form of glue) to the knot so it won't come undone, even in the heat of battle!



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    I clicked on this cause you totally look like this guy I used to work with, Russ. On closer inspection, I'm not so sure, but the hat and eye patch def. looks like him.

    Hehe, well I can tell you that I'm not him.

    The best fix would be to screw a snap post into your skull. Then you could just snap it on and off. ;-)

    Arrrgh, tis it not better to dab ye olde glue on the patch and slap it on yer eye socket?

    Perhaps ye salty ol' seadog, if'n I was to do smoethin' that brash I should think to use a rubbery compound in conjunction with me glue.