Alright people! I'm back with another Xbox 360 fix ( they break so much they need TWO different fixes)
Now.. you have 3 options
1. Send your 360 in to Microsoft ( The best option under warranty)
Assuming you have no warranty / have already opened the 360...
2.Try the Penny Fix
3. Read this instructable!!

Step 1: Parts

I live in Canada so the closest to Lowes is Home depot. they don't sell 10mm m5 bolts, so I got 16mm
The rest of the instructable we will be working with the 16 mm and soon I will post one using the 10mm bolts
My Parts List:
8) 16mm m5 machine bolts/ screws
24-32) 5mm flat washers, steel
16) #10 flat washers, nylon
10 tube of heatsink paste
1) bottle of Everclear or 2 step Articlean
13/64 Drill Bit
screwdriver (one that matches the head of the m5 bolts. I have flat headed ones)
small (really small) flat headed screw driver
1/4 nut driver or pliers
Hey you need to note that the GPU is the only part that needs to heat up. The CPU still needs to be cool. Either use a piece of cardboard cover the fan shroud enough to redirect the air flow to only the CPU or lay the fan over the top of the CPU. <em><strong><br /> <br /> Also hook up the DVDRom, Fans, RF&nbsp;Module before powering on or you run the risk of a flag being set that will ban your account and xbox from live.</strong></em><br />
I did what i did...... but the fans will not run...... i p****** me off....(the xbox)<br/>
Won't this cause the memory card slots, video cable port, power cable port, etc. to become misaligned with their respective holes on the case because you're moving everything up a centimeter or so?
logic says yes. I say no. I have done this and everything worked out fine.
Oh, thanks.
Oh, and you probably should have noticed this warning on the page you took these pictures from on llamma.com:<br/><br/><em>Copyright Notice: All rights reserved Copyright 2005 Llamma Corp. This document and associated photos and all content at llamma.com may not be reproduced without written permission from the author(s). This means you may not re-post at another site, sell these documents on eBay or reproduce in any form. Our articles are written with the intention of them being read at our site. Feel free to link and use any one photo from any of our articles for the purpose of linking. </em><br/><br/>Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.<br/>
thank you, i will take them off asap

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