Fix Your Xbox 360 D Pad Without Taking Controller Apart!






Introduction: Fix Your Xbox 360 D Pad Without Taking Controller Apart!

I'm too impatient to wait for Microsoft to issue an improved Xbox 360 controller sometime in the next 6 months (Look how long it took them to start implementing the new 45nm "Falcon" chip thingy). I want a satisfying and fully functioning controller NOW darn it! I had been reading up on a lot of controller modification info on the internet and I got a little brave... So I made this crappy youtube video to show you guys what I did to make my gaming experience SO MUCH BETTER. It is a little rough though, but it does the trick! So far so good. I've been enjoying a much improved version of Bionic Commando Rearmed and Soul Caliber IV. Hopefully this will hold me over until a nice refined controller with a fully functioning d pad officially gets released. I just got SO frustrated with that damn d pad so many times, especially in games where precise timing is very important. Even when navigating the Xbox Live Dashboard it can be a pain.

Mod your controller at your own risk! This method worked for me, but if you are not careful you can probably break your controller.



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      the video says: "This video has been removed by the user."

      Probably because it's been removed by the user.

      lol yeah most likely......

      The part of your video about the dremel was too long. The vast majority of the people here knows what a dremel is. For every one else, you can probably avoid the risk of damaging other parts if you took the controller apart, then dremel the plastic wall. Honestly I think you shaved a little too much, because that retaining wall protected the dpad from breaking off. On one last thing you want to wear goggles of a face mask when using a power tool like a dremel not sunglasses. If sunglasses is all you have, it will work, but safety goggles covers your eyes completely, and in any project involving any kind of tools, safety comes first.

      yer but hu thinks about safety first!! i lke to think about fun 1st safety sencond and then cleaning up when it goes rong after lol

      i never need the d-pad so this wouldn't be useful to me! But I guess its a good idea for those of you who do.

      Thanks for the great idea!...had one of those controllers that would just not respond properly ...this fixed it...just a warning though...if you grind it ( the outer ring) too far down it actually will separate into two separate rings...don't go too crazy with the dremel...I ended up with one spot where you can see it is two pieces...thanks again

      *drool drool* *Snort!* AAH! wha? your back on topic? FINALLY!

      not a bad vid. i'd go with a pre-determined script though...

      Ya, he sorta got off topic

      really i dont think there r alot of games the use the d-pad for prim. contrails(sorry i suck at spelling