I am quite certain that this problem does not occur a lot. However, for me, it was the second time with two different rackets... Time to make an Instructable about it!

I have no pictures of the first broken handle from which I felt the wood was breaking. Gluing it was of course only good as a temporary solution. After it broke beyond "glue"-repair, I bought a new racket but I felt sad that I could not use this racket anymore that I've enjoyed for years. After all, the frame was still perfect. So I repaired it and almost 2 years later I'm still playing with this racket!

As I play with both rackets, the same happened with this other racket. I felt the wood was cracking so very slightly. If you swung the racket you could feel the backlash from the shaft in the handle. So I just went for a repair again!

Step 1: Buy a handle or make one yourself!

The first time I could not find where to buy a handle, so I made one myself. It was fun but it was not that easy as my woodworking skills and woodworking tools are limited. I will include some pictures about it but I will not describe the process because it is way easier to buy one for 4,95 dollar including shipping!

I must have overlooked it the first time but you can buy handles on My Badminton Store. The advantage is that you can choose the right size (handle and shaft dimensions) and the plastic cone (front cap) and bottom (end cap) are included so you don't have to recover this from your broken racket (which is not easy).

The front cap just above the handle holds a sticker with the shaft size on it. Mine says it's a Yonex G3 handle size, so go for the G4 handle size. Indeed Yonex uses other sizes than other racket manufacturers but My Badminton Store informs you about this. If you want a bigger or smaller handle, this is the moment, choose your favorite.
Also measure the diameter of the shaft and choose the correct one on the site. Mine was 7,12mm so I went for the 7mm version.

It took almost 2 weeks to arrive (China to Belgium). So you have a lot of time to follow another Instructable in the mean time ;-).

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