Step 5: Make the hole for the screw

Picture of Make the hole for the screw
This hole has two functions. The first one is to make sure that the shaft is secured in the handle, a mechanical protection aside from the glue we will use later. The second function is that this hole allows that the air can go out if we will glue the shaft in later on. This screw has nothing to do with the alignment from the top of the racket, the frame to the handle.

Mark where the hole has to come. Measure it from the top or align the shaft next to it (see picture). This hole has to come on one of the two wider sides from the handle.

Use a 2 mm drill and use a drilling machine. Carefully drill the hole until you feel that you reached the middle of the handle (the space where the shaft fits in). Make sure that this hole is aligned correct by inserting the shaft, I used a nail to verify this. If this is not good, have a second (and last!) chance on the other side of the handle. If it is okay, use a 4 mm drill and drill just a few millimeters into the wood so that the head of the screw will be countersunk in the handle.