So there I was building my multi gear unicycle - had got the basic build done and she was ride-able but a real pain to balance, I know I can work with this issue and if I build another multi gear I will leave the freewheel in - but for now ------

This build will work equally well for a Fixie cycle if you do,not have access to a welder.

Step 1: Factors

Ok - lets imagine we are looking into the sprocket through a transparent panel - depicted by the drawing. where you see the ball bearing is the usual position of the ratchet mechanism.

I do not have access to a welder (except for paying for the job to be done - living on benefits kinda discourages this), so I wanted a mega strong way of locking up the sprocket for my uni.

I had heard about JB weld but although strong I was not confident with it's impact properties i,e when trying to balance there could be high thrust into the JB that could cause it to break down over a short time - but! it might be a good retainer and re-enforcing addition.

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