Fixing Printing Issues in Adobe Products


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Introduction: Fixing Printing Issues in Adobe Products

There is nothing more frustrating then working on a complicated document in Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop, for hours to find out it will not print out, now before you start deleting layers, Lets try some stuff:

Step 1: The Simple Solution

If you are getting PostScript printing errors, printing from any Adobe product, just REDUCE the image by 1% - it wont really affect the output, but by reducing the print image, it changes the mathematical formula of PostScript and will print out the image. Also Flattening the image before printing fixes problems.

Step 2: When All Else Fails : Resetting the Printer

Completely Reset the Printer System in OS X and Remove All Printers & Jobs
This works the same in all versions of OS X, be it Mavericks, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, etc

From the  Apple menu choose “System Preferences” and select the Printers preference right click in the left side printer list (or optionally, right-click on a specific printer if one is shown) and select “Reset Print System…” This will wipe out all printers, scanners, and faxes, and all of their queued jobs When the printer system reset has finished, go ahead and re-add the printer as usual by clicking the [+] button And yes, if it wasn’t abundantly clear already, this not only resets and removes all printers, but it will also reset and remove all scanners and faxes from the Mac as well, meaning those would also need to be re-added manually.

This is also a way to forcibly remove items from the printer queue if you can’t clear them manually for whatever reason through Printer preference panel. An unresponsive printer queue can happen sometimes if someone has attempted to print from the desktop or elsewhere a million times repeatedly, without having the patience for a printer queue to clear out, and sometimes it can happen out of the blue in normal operation too. Typically in the latter situation, it’s the result of poor third party printer support, and updating printer software from a manufacturer can resolve those types of issues.



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