Fixing Sandals





Introduction: Fixing Sandals

I am Sara from Makespace Madrid and I am going to show you how I fixed my sandals during the Sugru Build Night some weeks ago.  It was a really crowded and successful night and I would like to thank Sugru and the Instructables team for their support.

Step 1: Preparing Yellow Sugru

I decided to use the yelow Sugru for these sandals. I prepared the Sugru as it is shown below:

Step 2: Apply Sugru With Your Hands I

At this point I applied the yellow Sugru to the damaged zone of the sandal.

Step 3: Apply Sugru With Your Hands II

I carefully took off the rest of Sugru from the edge of the sandal.

Step 4: This Is the Result!

Step 5: Do the Same to the Other Sandal.

Then I did the same with the other sandal, and after 24 hours I wore them again :)

Step 6:



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This is a nice repair post. Thank you so much. And I think my wife will like those sandals really well. I'm going to think about that design.