I'm new to automotive customizing and the aluminum threaded cover for my original Lotus Europa brake master cylinder sovy device is no longer available. From years of pauper existence, I have've had to hack what's broken, usually to positive results.This is no different.

The original design is as simple as they get. A cork, attached to a rod with a metal washer attached to it, floats in the brake fluid reservoir. As the fluid level drops, the cork drops as well. When the washer gets low enough, it comes to rest on 2 contacts, closing the warning light circuit... Simple.

Unscrew the heavy billet aluminum piece from your plastic brake fluid tank and let's get started.

Step 1: What You'll Need

The first thing you'll need to find is a cover that fit's the original billet aluminum housing. Plastic is a much better choice than the original aluminum. As you can see, the original cover portion of the unit on my car lost the electrolysis battle. A plastic replacement will be less bothersome in the future. I used the cover from a spice bottle.

You'll also need four #6x 3/8" sheet metal screws.

If your car is stock, and you want to keep it that way,. If your car is concourse, you'll have to find an aluminum screw-on cap.You'll also want to eliminate the screws and clean up or replace the original hardware.

Grab a screw driver, sharp knife and/or Dremel tool, various cleaning materials and we're off to the races.

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