Bought it at auction. When checked it was dead.

Step 1: and When Pulled Apart, Became Obvious Why.. :-)

The switch, wiring and diod got affected.

Step 2: Water Entry Points

Water got inside through holes of the hinge, of back support leg and went under the solar panel glass.

Step 3: Soldering New Switch

Using 2 pole, 2 position micro sliding switch. Make sure to use insulation shrink.

Step 4: Puting It All Together

Was in a hurry and didn't take a picture of sealing the holes of both, leg and its support arm with silicon, on inside and outside of housing, just trust me - it was done, meticulosly.. ;)

As you can see, with switch position "12V", meter reads 18V, on a cloudy day.

Problem solved and fixed!

Thank you, just done my first project

<p>I love that you bought it dead knowing that you could fix it! Nice work!</p>
<p>:) it was $9 bid and there is not much really can go wrong with them.. ;)</p>

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