Fixing Westinghouse LVM-37w1 LCD TV no turn on & shut off problem

Picture of Fixing Westinghouse LVM-37w1 LCD TV no turn on & shut off problem
If you still have this TV, which was one of the first 1080p LCD TVs ever made, and cost over $2000 in 2005, it might have developed an issue with staying on, or powering up at all. It appears that it is a common issue that progressively gets worse with age. But in most cases it is an easy fix.

The issue is with 2 capacitors on the power supply board, where the solder connection fails, possibly due to thermal expansion. Taking the TV apart, resoldering the capacitor legs and putting everything back together can be performed in under 30 minutes.
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Step 1: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
1.) Remove screws along the perimeter of the frame
2.) Remove small bolts in the middle section
3.) Pull up & away the back cover
4.) Remove the metal cage around the power supply board
5.) Unclip all electrical connectors and remove the power supply board

Step 2: Finding and fixing bad solder connection

Picture of Finding and fixing bad solder connection
1.) Find the 2 rectangular capacitors on the component side
2.) Flip the board and locate their respective solder connections
3.) Fix the failed connection using some flux + more solder
4.) Reassemble in reverse order and you are done!
mikus34325 days ago

Signed up to say thanks, poster! I have the 32" model and it was pretty consistent with above. The failed solder was indeed on a square capacitor, though my board looked different than yours. It was hard to see failure, a magnifying glass helped.

interiot3 months ago
This fixed mine! This exact pin had a cracked solder joint on my power supply. Thank you so much.

The only thing you forgot to mention — there's a small trick to getting the back off. You have to remove the two posts at the bottom first, and there's a trick to this. There's a small screw in each of the posts. (each post has four screws total) You have to insert a screwdriver into the end of the post, to be able to unscrew that small hidden screw.

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