Introduction: Fixing a Bent Soldering Iron Tip

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Recently i dropped my soldering iron while it was on and it bent, and now while it is easier to solder around things, it has also caused a curve that solder seems to be "drawn into"(its a pain if you have this problem, because solder goes to the bend instead of the item being soldered)...

BTW: All of the pictures were taken by my droid incredible

Step 1: Materials

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Items You Will need
  1. A hammer - Get and use one with some weight so that you don't have to beat it to get it to mold
  2. Block of wood - To prevent floor damage
  3. Soldering iron with a bent tip
  4. Solder - To test the temperature of the tip

Step 2: Getting Ready

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Plug in your soldering iron and once it is hot enough to melt solder set it on the wood. grab your hammer and gently tap it back to shape.

Step 3: Finished Product

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This is how it turned out for me.


Kirbsome! (author)2010-07-10

This is quite alright, but just a slight bend could be useful.

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