Fixing a Floor Scale.


Introduction: Fixing a Floor Scale.

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My floor scale stopped working properly and upon investigation, I saw that the floor pads had disintegrated. I went about making a fix for this.

Step 1: Opening Up the Scale.

The back of the scale is held by 8 Phillips head screws. Once out, I used a knife to pop the plastic back from a corner. Removing the back completely, the internals of the scale are visible for inspection. Everything seemed good including the load cells at each corner.

I was satisfied that nothing was out of place so I closed up the scale.

Step 2: New Feet.

I used an old plastic meat Board to create 4 feet for the scale. A 9v battery served as a good measure to know the size of the feet needed. Using my cutting tool I made the feet.

Step 3: Applying the Feet.

The feet are small enough to fit into the Wells of the load cells. I used masking tape to stick the feet in place then tested the scale.

It worked! Soon I will do a better means to fasten the feet but for now my scale works!



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