Picture of Fixing a Pickup Truck After A Roll Over
A family friend rolled over her pickup on an icy winter road. Her liability insurance did not cover the repair or replacement of her truck, leaving her without a driveable vehicle or the funds to replace it.  Her father tracked down a replacement cab from a wrecking yard, but he had no way to replace it himself.
When I started this project I noticed that the replacement cab still had the dashboard assembly, wiring, and hvac installed. Some rodents had built a nest under the dash, making all parts questionable for use.  I chose to remove it all and reuse everything from the original cab.
The truck has a manuel transmission, the replacement cab had been pulled from a truck with an automatic transmission.  The clutch pedal had to be transfered also, and a hole had to be cut in the floor of the replacement cab to allow fitment of the transmission shifter.
Once everything was stripped from the interior of both cabs, the hood and fenders were removed.  The parking brake, hydraulic brakes, electrical, heater hoses, a/c lines, shifter linkages, and steering were disconnected from the cab.  The cab bolts were removed and the cab was raised up off the chassi, followed shortly by lowering the replacement cab onto the chassi and bolting it down.  Everything was hooked back up, the hood and fenders reinstalled, the interior components installed, fluids filled, and linkages adjusted.
After going back over everything to be sure nothing had been forgotten, the truck was started and a function test was done to assure everything was working properly before test driving the truck.
DCA2 years ago
Two days! I'm impressed! Great job.
troopersmachine (author)  DCA2 years ago
Thank you.
Flenters2 years ago
A job well done!
troopersmachine (author)  Flenters2 years ago
Thank you.