Step 5: Almost finished

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Put the boat up on some saw horses if you have them and pour water into the cockpit. Watch for drops of water to come out of the patch. Work these areas over again with the torch.

Now if you want to, you can use the torch on the inside of the boat to transition the plastic of the boat to the patch. This time you're smoothing the plastic of the boat onto the patch. I think this step isn't very necessary unless your patch is leaking.

Now all you need to do is sand the patch smooth. Unfortunately my boss never got around to bringing me a sander so our boats are a little rough.

After you sand the patch smooth, reattach all your components and you're ready to paddle!
windshadow1 year ago

Awesome tutorial .

I bent out some crushed motorcycle bags similarly with a heat gun. They had thermoplastic structure with leather over top. As soon as I heated the interior "gently" they could be bent back out to original fatness.

I have some coolers that have been drug around. Abrading off the corners and exposing the urethane insulation . I was thinking about beefing up the corners with plastic .

Now that I have seen your tutorial it looks like a doable project.


kjlpdx2 years ago
you get much better results with a very sharp angled paint scraper than with sandpaper [which always leaves a fuzzy surface]
crickle3214 years ago
This is a DIY project with the true spirit of DIY. Well done!