Step 9: Reassembly

Replace LCD by sliding the top in first, making sure to mate up the 2 connectors on the top right part of the screen. It can be a little tricky to get the LCD seated right, but enough gentle wiggling should get everything lined up correctly. The LCD is aligned when all 6 screw holes are lined up along the sides. Finally, replace the 6 screws that hold the LCD to the frame. Make sure you used the 6 shortest screws in this step. The two remaining longer screws are put in during the last step.
<p>I thought I had this down but touch part of the the touch screen not working lol - also think the LCD is clucked. Still got a kick out of doing it though. Will order LCD and try again.</p>
<p>Opened it again and reconnected the ribbons properly, touch working now. Delighted.</p>
I was doing this and I pulled too hard on the suction cup. The ribbon thing ripped. I'm guessing I should say goodbye to that phone. :( HELLLP
You can just buy a new screen and digitizer assembly. it shouldn't be much more than 20 bucks.

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