Introduction: Fixing My Cooking Extrator With Sugru

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I am a member of the MakeSpace Madrid. My cooking extractor has been broken for six months, I have tried everything: screws, adhesive tape, glue... but never been fixed. I think the Sugru will be the solution!

Step 1: Glue the Piece

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I did thin thread  adapted to the broken piece, then glued.

Step 2: Solved

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Et voilá! We will see if it works!


explosivemaker (author)2013-08-31

AKA a hood

E6000, epoxy, or JB Weld would be better

thanks explosivemaker. Now I will see how long it works with Sugru. And if it doesn't, I will try with one of those products.

I was just thinking about it and my only concern would be the heat. As long as the plastic doesn't get too hot, I think any of them would be fine. Apparently JB Weld does make a "high heat" version.

True about the heat. But also the oil vapours, steam and cleaning grease solvents, make the welding union become weak. That's way it is not that easy. Let's see if Sugru works and if not I will try E6000
thank you very much for your advice

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