Step 2: Cut the vessel

<p>Is there a way to make a charger that will work with the Galaxy Tab 2 with a generic iPhone Charging cable?</p>
<p>What an obnoxious quality blunder by Samsung! <br>Thanks a lot for the info! I was worried that the port on the tablet had gone south on me... instead I have now confirmed that my cable actually failed (thank god) thanks to your guide!</p>
<p>Yeah! Now that they're getting more difficult to find, I've managed to kick it a little further down the road. Thanks!</p>
<p>my dad and me did the exact same thing last year to fix my charger. I can't believe this is actually the problem to all the glitches my tablet got when i was charging, guess ill do the same thing today! this deserves more views</p>
<p>who ever need to fix this problem .. they can see this page from google<br><br>glade to help ^_^</p>
<p>This helped me out so much. Thank you very much.</p>
<p>your welcome ... glade to help others ^_^</p>
sadly it isn't my dog chewed mine into 20 pieces
<p>sorry to knew that ... nothing can do except to buy new one :D</p>

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