There may be a time in your life when you have a tear in your pants. In this economy, who has the disposable income to buy new clothing items? We are all makers, right, so why not just fix it! In addition, for those of us who do not own sewing machines at home, this can an a time consuming fix to perform by hand. I recommend getting to access to a facility that has sewing machines, such as TechShop!

Here is what you need:

ripped pants
an adhesive patching kit ($5)
thread matching the color of your pants (~$2)
an iron
a sewing machine

Step 1: Size the Patch

with the fabric from the patch kit, cut the patch down so it fits over the hole. Round the corners so there are no edges that will bother, or will get pulled on that will remove the patch.

Next, iron on the patch to adhere it to the pants. Make sure to piece a piece of paper on the inside of the pants so the patch does not adhere to the fabric exposed by the hold. Make sure the iron is dry, heated up, and then use it. This is a quick and easy step!

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