Picture of Fixing that jet lighter you love
So I was fixing my jet lighter (by now a fairly archaic design but a very good one and it only cost me£1 at a car boot sale) I used to fix antique lighters with my dad, thankfully jet lighters tend to be a bit more standard for repairs.

So In this I'll cover diagnosis, repair and also dismantling and assembly (most lighters designs' are a common principle... )
Ok so i got a slightly better camera than my phone, it's an ancient canon powershot A60, only 2MP but check out the macro in the pics, it was top of the range once upon a time and it shows.
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Step 1: So what you'll need for this

Picture of So what you'll need for this
- a small philips head screwdriver (the tiny ones) it almost alway philips head.
-a penknife or a small flathead screwdriver (for adjustments)
-a pair of pliers, needle nose are great her but I can do it with my fake leatherman start to finish (make damn sure the pliers aren't magnetized it's annoying)
-a safety pin or some thin tough wire or a drawing pin (you'll see what I mean if it comes up)

-some sturdy wire about 24awg (anything that fits will do (again you'll understand pretty quick) is handy
-lighter gas, really helps diagnosis, in fact try the first...
-You may need rubber tubing or a piezo spark depending how you broke it (if you dropped I already know whats wrong. the lighter in this is my drinking lighter because it's made of metal and I know how to fix it)

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KayC15 months ago

I have 2 lighters and I put K-NICE butane gas in them. They won't light up. They will just give off spark when clicked and you'll just hear the gas.

geordies5 months ago

i have almost the exact same lighter, having a problem with it leaking. i took the reservoir out and i can still hear it leaking. any idea how to fix this? thanks for the guide.

what if I accidentaly took the wire off?

WGFDarth.5 months ago

I want to add that the Portasol Superpro 125 as well as the Snap-On Model #YAKS32A have two switches. One switch is the on-off switch for the butane, and the other switch is the igniter and flame control.

You ignite it, then slowly release the igniter and you get your nice and strong jet blue flame, however, if you pull back slowly on the igniter after being lit, you can turn it into your ordinary (BIC style) yellow blue flame. It varies depending on how far you pull the switch back which is spring loaded.

I've found that extremely useful when you don't want pressurized heat shooting out in a tight space, or when lighting something that just doesn't need all that heat that the jet flame produces.

Again, the Portasol Superpro 125 and the Snap on Model #YAKS32A are the EXACT SAME THING. They look slightly different, but are both manufactured in Ireland by one of the most prestigious butane lighter companies on the planet. Try one and you'll see.

WGFDarth.5 months ago

Two things: One, I fixed even my cheap jet lighter that wouldn't spark. I took it apart, and now i have to reset the plunger on the piezo piece that loads the spring that strikes the piezo piece that sparks the lighter every time I light it. That's going to need to be replaced to be perfectly fixed. No way I see to get around that.

The second problem I had, was that the jet was producing a bic like regular flame instead of the blue flame. What was weird was that after a minute or so of constant flame it would switch to a perfect blue flame. So I assumed it was clogged. I fiddled with it and didn't get very far, so since it was such a cheap piece of junk, I decided to try something weird. I took my can of butane and pushed it onto the jet nozzle on the top until it engaged and sprayed, it had nowhere to go, so it just built up pressure and without noise and puffed as the pressure released around the jet nozzle as I pulled it away.

Now, when I tried my lighter I instantly have blue flame. Also, the spark is now strong enough to light the lighter, despite having to reset it each time, so the butane coming out too slow was obviously the problem on that one. I didn't try increasing the flow before accidentally clearing the clog, may have worked, may not have.

So, I probably wouldn't want to try it on a nice jet lighter, but I will suggest the best Jet lighter / butane torch / Regular flame (Think BIC flame) all-in-one. That would be the Snap-On Model YAKS32A. This is by far the best one I have ever used and comes with a 12 month warranty. Yes, the kit is 187 dollars, but it's worth every penny for anyone who uses their torch regularly.

This particular, amazing, torch is actually made by an Irish company -- Portasol. I'm pretty sure the Portasol torches are remarkably cheaper at 88 Dollars on amazon with PRIME too hah, but the EXACT same quality. The Portasol torch you want is the Superpro 125 / Superpro 125 Kit same 12 month warranty. By the way, that's the kit that is 88 dollars on amazon, Snap On is way over pricing that one for just their name. I thought it would be a few bucks cheaper, but it's literally one hundred dollars cheaper, plus free two day shipping with Prime. Which is amazing in its own right.

You can fix most problems with the torch yourself, but the only problem I would foresee is clogging due to low quality fuel.

When I get the money, I'll be getting my Portasol Superpro 125, and I'll revel in the easy soldering repair and any other uses you too might need it for:personal, recreational, hobby or work.

hajam5 months ago

I bought the Dupont MaxiJet lighter. Price went up after my order. I was glad that I purchase it. It work well, on every strike there was a flame. There is a nice fuel window. The problem is sometime the window can't close.. upon reading the net. Others also have the same problem. I figure out that those touch lighter got problem working up side down. This Dupont maxiJet if put inverted sometime window can't close. hmmm have to leave with it. Now I am admiring my Lotus made in Japan lighter. The Lotus Spartan feel very solid.

hajam5 months ago

Always cover the valve at the lighter with an electric tape. When filling gas simply open the tape and pump in the gas. Later close the tape. The tape protect the dust while it is in your pocket. Usually tiny dust will stick at the valve, so when you pump the gas the dust will go in and later clog. According to one of the lighter manufacture 80% of the lighter that came for warranty claim have this problem. The valve sometime get stuck. I usually spay WD40 oil on the valve. That will solve the problem. I bought an IMCO butane lighter. When I pump gas the gas will immediately escape. After spraying WD40 oil on the valve, the problem is solved.

Warranty claim? IMCO have closed down long ago. So I fix up myself.

tacotaster10 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
killerjackalope (author)  tacotaster10 months ago

I had a time and a half fiddling a rollalite in to working before, fire some pics over if you get stuck, might be of help.

(removed by author or community request)
killerjackalope (author)  tacotaster6 months ago

That's awesome, nothing better than taking a notion and it working out right.

D93x10 months ago

how would I get hold of a new flexible gas pipe because I need a new one

killerjackalope (author)  D93x6 months ago

Sorry on the slowness - I've been working. Cheapest BBQ lighter you can find will do nicely for plenty of gas pipe.

i have repaired the spark in my lighter but the lid/cover of the hole(wich the flame comes out of) has fallen to peices i am not sure if these are the peices that i need to repair it any images on how to fix the lid/cover

tacotaster10 months ago

Awesome, dude! Thanks for helping me fix this cool ronson lighter, there is some porcelain in the burner(pic2) area heating up on first ignition(pic1), then if you light it immediately with no spark its fine(pic3). Weird, but this is older technology..

JavierC252 years ago
hi. i just bought a romson jetline that look a lot like the one you have in the photos. and it sparks. the gas comes out trough the nozzle it lights. but dosent stay light. can u help me?

What butane do u use?

Crud31 year ago

Hi, I have a problem with my lighter, it was a gift from someone I won't see anymore and so it's really precious to me and it would mean a lot to me if it could be repaired. The lighter just won't light itself anymore and if lit from another source the flamepressure is very low and the typical jet-like noise isn't there anymore, even on highest setting. I cleaned the airholes, the nozzle and the spring so the airflow is good but this didn't help. Do you have any Idea what could be wrong?

IIShift Crud31 year ago

Are you using Ronson Ultra Butane Fuel?

jbates19701 year ago

First off I'd like to say Thanks for the Instructable, great post! I love the whole Do it yourself community. It's Awesome that people like us can connect via the internet and help each other out. (There are more "mad scientist" types like me than I could have ever imagined.) So I have this jet/torch lighter that I purchased a long time ago from a Tobacco shop for about 20-30 dollars. It has a lifetime warranty, but it requires a purchase receipt which I do not have anymore. I am having the same problems that most of the people posting here have. But the main problem I think with this thing is that there was a ceramic type of ring that went around the igniting wire and the fuel/flame port. (I will try and add the pic of this lighter and the part I am talking about.) Anyway this ceramic type ring broke off. The only part of it remaining is a tiny piece attached to the igniting wire. My question this ring important, if so can it be purchased anywhere or better yet would there be a way to construct a makeshift one. I hope that this all makes sense.

Thank you again for this post and for any help that you may be able to give me.

Jet lighter pics (3).JPG
i have a triple torch cigarette lighter. a large yellow flame comes out of each nozzle; just like a bic lighter, not the blue torch flame that should be there. I have rebuilt it several times & can not figure out what's causing this.
HELP !!!
killerjackalope (author)  silverhamer1 year ago

The nozzles either aren't getting air in to the holes or they're damaged, had one that did that, used to burst flame out of holes in the body and burn my hand...

cramberg1 year ago
Does anyone know where to find replacement butane lighter inlet valves or called an inlet nozzle where the butane is filled into a butane lighter. I call it a valve but not sure what it is called?
killerjackalope (author)  cramberg1 year ago
People on Ebay have them, otherwise find a cheaper lighter with the same kind of valve and unscrew it - the kind that adjust by turning the valve are particularly easy to swap
khubris1 year ago
hi thank you for making this even though it was like 5 million decades ago :) i had an awesome jet lighter that i acquired from a ramekin set for glazing creme brûlées' (mmm) so i have no clue on the brand and make. attached is the design model.

basically i believe the port thingie where it's refilled is bent after i purged the thing for the first thing after learning about it on the interwebs, it was fine and working before, but i never ever had purged in and didn't think id cause damage because now when i try to refill it, there is a leaky sound and it will still light but since the gas is now leaking out it won't stay refilled. is it possible that i bent the port with whatever tool i used at the time when it was purged? or do you think the purging had something to do with it strangely enough? i have no idea, but i love the lighter because it's been my go-to for years in the kitchen and outside as well. i know its been years, but any help is appreciated since i've only had duds that wouldn't of have even come close to 'my precious' lighter, lol.

awesome instructable by the way, learned much from it as well as another plethora from the comments, i thank you!!
mwirick1 year ago
Hey i know this is old and no one may check it. HOWEVER =]

My fuel line in my torch lighter have fracture in it. I have literally searched the interwebs for hours ttrying to find out what kind of hosing it is or where i could get it with ZERO success. If any one has any insight ...i would love you forever (not really) Thanks =]
killerjackalope (author)  mwirick1 year ago
Get a really cheap bbq lighter, the tubing is the same stuff, just cut to length...
gilesrobert2 years ago
Thanks, that sounds like a good plan as I imagine a new one from Dupont would cost an arm and a leg!, I shall have a go. Incidentally, a few months ago while looking for something in a drawer at my parents house, I found a Ronson Viking piezo lighter belonging to my dad ,who after giving up smoking in 1980, left it there in the drawer, I gave it a quick click, as one would and to my surprise it produced a flame!. He said I could have it and I've been using it ever since, after a few fills it did develop the same problem as described by Johnius (not really surprising after 30+ years in a drawer) so I managed to find a new valve so now it's good as new. The piezo unit seems to be of military quality, they certainly made things to last in those days!
killerjackalope (author)  gilesrobert2 years ago
They did indeed...

Well apart from the odd issue of making it fit I've had much less trouble with cheap lighter ones than I have with fancier ones.
gilesrobert2 years ago
Hi , I've got a number of old and new lighters ,this one (sorry about the bad pic) is a Dupont, I was given it new and, after having used it for a couple of months, the piezo stopped clicking, giving it a little tap on the table makes it work once, a couple of years ago my friend took it back to where they bought it and after a couple of months was given a new one the same. Needless to say, the same thing happened to the new one, it must be IMHO a badly designed piezo unit but it's a shame as it is a really nice little lighter. I have opened it up, not completely, but the piezo unit doesn't look a if it will come apart easily, any ideas?
Thanks for now
killerjackalope (author)  gilesrobert2 years ago
Really the best things for piezo problems is a replacement - if the unit looks the same as the ones you pull from disposable lighters then try fitting it, certain disposables have longer wires which make them handier for using in other lighters. Usually these last ages.

If not then reshaping a cheapy one might still be the best option - since they're usually so similar it's rare that replacing the whole thing isn't the best option.
ahughes192 years ago
hey, i know what im doing with lighters, i have fixed many (but almost certainly not as good as you as i just do it when my lighters occasionally brake) but i have this lighter that i love, i bought it in Turkey off a stall over a year back, now i have fixed it many times, i even had to pull the inside of a spark thingy (the crystal mechanism that produces the arc XD) out of a new lighter to put in the old one as this lighter has a very small area for it. it all works, however the plate thing at the stop that stops the little metal thing from falling out is melting away, is there any way to replace this?
johnius3 years ago
Hello, I hope you still check this one. But I just procured a Ronson Viking 52503 lighter and the filler port leaks all of the butane in a matter of seconds. Is it possible to fix the filler port? Thanks.
killerjackalope (author)  johnius2 years ago
Sorry on the slow reply, I must have missed this altogether.

Ebay search for the valves and O rings, various sealants will work, usually mentioned in the article, alternatively unscrew the whole valve piece and find an O ring at the hardware store.
I checked eBay and bought a compatible valve a few months ago. Replaced the whole thing and it works great.
killerjackalope (author)  johnius2 years ago
Glad to hear... Nice one.
Smithers82 years ago
I have taken my Colibri Firebird apart many times, and i get the hissing, and a click, i can see the spark, but no matter what the gas is at it wont light itself. I can light it with another lighter, but the flame is still not that of a jet lighter. Is there anything i can do to make it work? Could I pay you to fix it?
killerjackalope (author)  Smithers82 years ago
It sounds like the nozzle is the issue there, I imagine they can be fixed as I've mentioned before but I've only found replacing them to be successful - as I remember colibris are similar to the lighter pictured, the nozzle sits in a sort of bowl with an element above.

The removal of the nozzle is a little trickier, but it does unscrew from the ceramic surround.

The nozzles are different in design to the kind that have a simple jet, they actually spray outward from a tiny top piece in to the bowl rather than straight up, however a lighter with well matched parts can be found no doubt.

I've not come across a place to buy parts but try ebay for colibri, they're a bit better known.
jiribu2 years ago
Hello, I recently tried to fix my twin jet lighter and now it only lights as normal yellow flame (not jet) all over the nozzles. Anybody knows what the problem is? If it is the fact that it is not mixing the gas and air properly, any ideas on adjustment? I also took the nozzles apart to make sure they are not blocked and foolishly didn't take a note of the inner parts and now I have no idea in what order the things should be in and whether I actually still have them all. Can anyone please explain to me how they should be assembled? Thanking you very much in advance. Perhaps the author could include instructions on the nozzle assembly please. Also anybody knows where I can buy spare nozzles?
Tears are coming out at the moment as I can't fix my favourite lighter.
killerjackalope (author)  jiribu2 years ago
I've never had much luck getting the nozzles to mix properly again after that, there's a tiny piece of mesh that needs to be just right...

Grab a cheap one and nick the nozzles, there tends to be little variation, so just look for the same design in the top of the nozzle and chances are you'll hit it first time, you could dredge up a broken one as well...
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