Having problems with fret buzz on your guitar? Is the string action killing your fingers? Does the neck of your guitar resemble something like a bow? Good news! these problems can be fixed. [except the last one. in that case you may need a new guitar]

The truss rod is usually a steel or graphite rod which runs down the middle of your guitars neck. This pole provides resistance to the guitar strings which can create 100 lbs plus of neck tension. All [except classical] electric and acoustic guitars [and basses] have one and all at some point need adjustment. Why? over time changes in temperature and moisture warp the neck. This can also happen if you change your strings from a light gauge to a heavy gauge [switching from 8's to 12's].

Fixing your truss rod usually mean dishing out 20$ to a local music store to get it fixed.
However, fixing your truss rod is not something you should practice on or try using a good guitar. If its your only guitar, then I recommend bringing it to the music store. If you have an old squier lying around from your days as a beginner, chances are it'll need a tune up

This Instructable will teach you the do's and do-nots of adjusting your truss rod.

I AM NOT responsible or liable for your mistakes! Some times it's better to leave it to the professionals.

*Note* If you complete this instructable, you will need to fix your guitars intonation afterwards. Luckily for you, I've made an instructable for that too!


Step 1: Materials

Things you'll need:

1) guitar

2) allen key. size may vary depending on the guitar you are using, so it'll be good to have a variety. Many acoustic guitars use a 5mm, Gibson's usually use a 5/16's and fenders usually use a 1/8. To be safe, just get a bunch.

3) screw driver
dude what make is your guitar there its looks like the 1 charlie scene from hollywood undead uses? thanks as well A+++!
my 35 year-old Hondo bass from Sam Ash appreciates your 'ible... now, on to intonation! thanks for a great presentation. keep on Jaco'in.
Always appreciate the support. thanks =]<br/>
I have a feeling your instructables are going to become very useful to me some day! Faved and fived, and I subbed you last time. :D

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