Step 4: Time to adjust

Picture of Time to adjust
When turning the truss nut, turn in very small increments. I mean very small

too much loosening will cause major warp-age. tightening too much will cause it to snap. And remember, a little bow on your neck is good.

Before turning the bolt, make a mark of where the truss rod is when you start and when you end. make sure your allen wrench is nice and snug against the nut, because stripping the nut obviously won't lead to good results. i recommend loosening the nut before tightening.

some people prefer taking off/loosening the strings before adjusting. i prefer to keep them on/tight because you get to see where the strings will lie when adjusted, as where taking them off will make the neck straighter and throw you off. keeping them on will not damage the neck. However, if you're adjusting your basses truss rod, then i recommend loosening the strings, or if the guitar requires you to loosen them to access the truss, go right ahead.

SLOWLY turn the truss. A little turn will go you a long way trust me. Along the way check the relief and curvature of the neck and keep adjusting till it's to your liking. never adjust any more then it can adjust.