Introduction: Fixperts - Fixwall That Enables to Cut Salad Safely

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We designed a product for special needs children, that enables them to cut a vegetable salad as safely and independently as possible. The product is a 'wall' that separates between the childrens fingers and the knife used for cutting the salad.

This project is part of our studies at HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, in cooperation with "Oz" Elementary School in Holon Israel

Ilan, Angkeeta, Rut

Step 1: Print the Instructions

Step 2: PDF/ DXF Files

Step 3: You Will Need

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Step 4: Making of the Parts

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Step 5: Molds

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Step 6: Bending

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Step 7: Bending Again

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Step 8: Assembling

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mole1 (author)2017-03-01

Genius! Good for more than children.

Swansong (author)2017-02-28

That's a neat idea, I wish we had had one of those when I was teaching lifeskills classes! :)

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