Fix/replace Battery in Dodge/Chrysler Rechargeable/built-in Flashlight



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Introduction: Fix/replace Battery in Dodge/Chrysler Rechargeable/built-in Flashlight

If you own a late model Chrysler made vehicle with the rechargeable flashlight and you use it regularly, your flashlight may, like mine, barely illuminate or stop working altogether.  Well, the battery is replaceable.  You can pry open the case and slide it right out.  The battery (pictured above) is a VARTA V500HRT and I found one at the interstatebatteries website.  A brand new flashlight can be expensive.  If you've seen the life/performance slowly degrade then this is probably the fix for you.  If it just seemed to stop working one day then you  might want to try some other troubleshooting first like cleaning the contacts and making sure there's current going to the charging port. 

PS. recycle your batteries appropriately



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