Picture of Flailing Victim
Create you own halloween flailing victim, without harming your friends or siblings!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The body is constructed from different sizes of PVC pipe. The pipe thickness is "Schedule 40" or thicker. Just pick the 'thick pipe' at the store.

PVC comes in 10' lengths, so you will need one 10' piece of 1", 3/4", and 1/2" pipe. And you'll have some left over.

You'll need these PVC fittings:

1" Thickness:
1 - cross tee,
1 - regular tee,
1 - 1"x 1/2" reducing coupling

3/4" Thickness:
2 - ells,
2 tees

1/2" Thickness:
1 - ell,
1 - 45

Also you will need:
-Small bag of 8" zip ties
-Small bag of 4" zip ties
-One foam 'pool play tube'
-One 18" x 36" piece of landscape cloth
-Four U-bolts, 1.5" wide x 2.5" long
-Two 6" pieces of 1/8" x 1" angle steel
-One 6" piece of 1/8" x 2" plate steel
-One 34" piece of 1/4" steel rod
-One double acting air cylinder, 1/2" bore, 2" stroke
-One four way solenoid
-Fittings and pipe for air cylinder and solenoid
-Repeating timer
-on/off switch
-Styrofoam wig head
-latex hands
Clothing:(Buy at yard sales because you won't want to use your clothes)
-Pieces of plastic packing bubble sheets or foam carpet padding (to give shape to the legs)
-PVC glue (or screws)
-PVC pipe cutter (hightly recommended)
-Misc. tools
CDAWWGG7 years ago
I'd have to say that it is awesome. A way to make the flailing more pronounced would be to mount air bladder style actuators and use eye loops and zip ties between them to attach the body, legs and head.
lowr3nt7 years ago
Video! I tried this for my yard haunt this year. I was quite happy with the lifelike movement. Check out the video

you should've put a motion detector on it so that when someone walks in front of it... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
Verno777 years ago
How much cheaper is this compared to one you could buy? I have seen one for about $4,000 (too much).
lowr3nt Verno777 years ago
Oh WOW! There's NO WAY I'd spend $4k on this rig. I already had the compressor. Solenoids, pneumatics, and pistons for the movement were a bit pricey ($325 tops?) I used a wireless motion sensor across my driveway to trigger ($25) I sunk a bucket of concrete to keep it mounted ($22 with bucket) - otherwise it was all hardware (PVC, wood, connections) and old clothes.
sman177 years ago
hmmm, what does that look like to you. For shame
JoshOrama8 years ago
Kids these days are far to weak to handle such terror. I'll try it next year.
Aeshir8 years ago
Oooooooh......I wanna see a video.....
Bad Donut8 years ago
Kewl. Always wanted a way to make a test dummy for some of my ideas :D
Nice Idea/Design.... Now all you need is a scary face to make it look more realistic ;)