Yes, I know it's Flambé, but ibles won't allow special characters in the title!

Few deserts look so complicated, turn as many heads, taste as amazing, and are as deceptively easy as flambé ...anything. 

I promise, this is super easy, super delicious, and will grab LOTS of attention at a party or dinner for loved ones.

Sidenote:  All the pictures and videos for this instructable were shot with a refreshed battery that was nearly dead to start with using this technique!

Step 1: Ingredients / Materials

Makes 2 servings, it's best to make in small batches as it's way easier to control a smaller pan.  (and more spectacular when you light it on fire several times if you have lots of people to serve!) 

Frankly, the measurements don't really matter, so long as they're roughly right --  I didn't measure anything - and it always turns out!

  • 1 large banana *see notes
  • about a quarter cup of butter (margarine would work)
  • about a quarter-to-half cup of Brown/Golden sugar
  • 1 lemon, a little rind and juice (makes many servings from 1 lemon)
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Liquor: about 1 oz. I used Brandy, but Rum would work. 
  • Quality Vanilla Ice Cream (not pictured)
Notes on banana ripeness -- I used bananas that still had veins of green - because I like them to have some texture after they're cooked. 
-Unripe (fully green) means it'll be bitter and woody, avoid (unless you like woody bananas)
-Under-ripe (some green) means the cooked product will be similar to 'soft ripe' raw, this is how I like them
-Ripe (fully yellow) means you'll have quite-soft finished product
-Overripe (dark yellow/brown) means you'll have soggy mush, use these for banana bread, they are no good here.

  • Stove of some sort, gas preferable -- see notes.
  • Heat-proof tools - something that won't melt. spatula/spoons/scoops
  • Small skillet
  • Cutlery close at hand
  • Zest grater
  • Good knives are handy
Notes on your stove choice:  I used gas because its a dream to cook with -- heat is instant, even, and when lighting your end product on fire, it's safer to have the flame ready to go -- rather than trying to use a lighter and singing your knucle hairs.
<br> Nice - what's your advice on the ripeness of the 'nanas?<br> <br> L<br>
Good question -- I used slightly unripe bananas, such that when they cooked they would soften. Starting with ripe or over-ripe means you get really soggy fruit. Really I'm sure any would do.
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bananas are herbs :o
My brother makes this version of my moms fave pie (crazy pie) but we call it crack pie because its slightly adictive but it uses flambe bannanas, carmel, heath bar, and Whipping cream. So delecious. But I never made it cause i can't make the special bannans but ha brother i have you beat now thanks to the I webs and frollards instructions . So thanks alot --Jorgia
Fantastic news!<br><br>I implore you, make your crack pie and ible it! I want to see this! -Jamie
I made some little ones for my birthday and went ahead and made the ible <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Crazy-Crack-Pie-a-gluten-free-desert/
Sorry for the late reply -- You win one internet per the zeroth law!
Yom!!!!!! :D
They pretty much are!
Wheres the vid? D:
Step 5...the one entitled &quot;vee dee oh&quot;
Ooh thank you, the youtube link worked.<br>is igniting the vapor important in the process of completing the flamb&eacute;? <br>I get sketchy around open flames like that. Terrible experiences o.O
It's not a particularly hot or scary flame -- if its terrifying, premeasure your liquor so your hand isn't over the pan for as long as mine was -- quick pour, and give the pan a tilt away from you, and it will ignite. really, its super easy and if you don't splash alcohol all over the place the flame will stay in the pan quite happily.
if it's not embedded right for you, use <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjmBDtspOco
must try it :)<br><br>http://doba.ua
This is actually a classic Dessert commonly called &quot;Bananas Foster&quot;<br>EES Deeleeeshus!<br>Nice 'ible
Must try! Will be back with results, this looks tasty!
I expect pictures! :)

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