Step 2: Prep your work area

Picture of Prep your work area

This step is VITAL.  Once you start, you can't stop (easily) so be prepared!

It's best to be ready, rather than freak out when you have a hot pan smoking because you're missing one thing.  The beauty is there's so few ingredients, its not hard to be prepared.
Set up your work area with plenty of space to set down a hot pan or utensil, move things around, and be generally be ready for the unexpected.  You want everything in close reach, but not cluttered!

Obligatory warning:  This is liquid naplam we're working with, oil and sugar in a pan that we will be starting on fire -- tie back long hair, wear natural fibers (cottons/wools), and avoid synthetics.  Be ready with an appropriate extinguisher or box of baking soda for if it lights on fire before you add the flamable ingredients.