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This instructable describes how to build a flaming whip. Its a very simple and rewarding project, but the final project can be dangerous. You will be dealing with a flaming metal chain which gets extremely hot. You would not want to get any part of this accidentally wrapped around your body. Apart from all the danger though its really fun and produces a loud whooosh of fire every time you swing it.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Really simple parts, all the materials together should cost under 30$


1. Hollow steel tube 18" sturdy enough to be used as a handle
2. 10' double link metal chain like in the picture, thin enough so the links can fit inside the steel tube.
3. 21' of thin kevlar rope (can be bought on e-bay, the size of the rope is determined by the size of the chain links, because you will need to braid the rope through the links)(Because of my impatience in waiting for things to be delivered the photos show me using a cotton rope, I do not advise this because after a few minutes the cotton starts to burn and fall off)
4. 2" long bolt with washer and nut around 3/8" thick
5. Kerosene
6. Saw, drill with bits, wrench
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PadMasta448 years ago
Hey! I have that same carpet. haha the one with the race car track, and the one with the little train track and stuff. HAHA
I do too. My little brother's favourite thing!
lol so do i
LOL me too.
i did but the cat killed it and my drummer still dose
Wow, i do too

i do too xD
So do I :S At least, I USED to...
It's like we're connected...just like hippies, businessmen, and Allstate insurance.
bubba77 agent7 years ago
ahah i gues it is a very popular rug lol cuz i have the same one!!
Tetranitrate (author)  agent8 years ago
As you can see I make specific mention to the rug in the last line of the last step of the fuse instructable.

All hail the rug.
Wow, that comment was a long time ago. haha. This (the flaming whip) is the kind of useless information that floats around in my head and then re-emerges at awkward moments.
henster224 years ago
how on earth do you get kevlar rope!!!
i cant find it any were
have you used Teh Internets? The stuff isn't sold in retail stores.
wow it looks impossible to crack
nerd125 years ago
kind of reminds me of a lava whip in ratchet and clank
I wonder why my first thought was "Yay, Castlevania-like Flame Whip!"
 I would hate to accidentally wrap this around myself.
gateon5 years ago
omg whiplash!
tictaclad6 years ago
i have it toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...so do my 2 friends

A man who loves to play with a rope.

And some double dutch.
you found a way to make Jump rope dangerous! (or at least someone did, idk if that's you or not) Sweet!
Junpropes not dangerous? Must of been playing it wrong.
haha awesome
no wounder the guy has no hair
Funny thing is, he's probably bald more as a safety precaution than due to burning it off.
abadfart6 years ago
nice looks painful
nicoles9 years ago
As a firespinner, I definately reccomend white gas (coleman fuel) over kerosene. Kero's so smokey, and more dangerous!
Goat nicoles9 years ago
And as a experienced firespinner I definately recommend you do not listen to nicoles. Kerosene has a higher flash point and burns at a lower temperature. There is truth in lack of smoke in white gas though..
Higher flash point means that it lights at a higher temperature thus burns at a higher temperature (Kero is much harder to light than naptha (White gas) so...Higher Flash Point and higher heat) Kero burns longer and smokier and stays on the wick longer without evaporating. Naptha burns brigher and cleaner but evaporates off of the wick faster. Choice of fuel is really up to the performer and the type of fire they need. The actual temp of the flame is irrelevant. 100 degrees difference is nothing when you are dealing with 600-800 degree temps. They will both burn you if you don't know what you are doing. The only time that the type of fuel really really counts is when it comes to fire breathing. Alchohol-VERY BAD (It makes your lips numb so you lose control of the spit. NEVER use alchohol) Gasoline- Are you on Crack? Naptha-Pretty bad too (The fire tends to eat back on the stream and into your face. Highly toxic) Kero- My preference for breathing (High flash point makes it less likely to feed back. But...Also highly toxic). And yes...I am a experienced professional fire spinner, eater and fire whip artist (Yes...It is actually my job. I live in a house, drive a nice car and have never been to burning man). Honestly, I would not touch that flaming chain whip if you paid me to. Too limited a tool. Chain won't crack like a whip and you can't do body wraps with hot metal. All you can do is wave it around. Not even as versatile as snake poi. Great idea, but in order to be really usable, the chain has to go. Gwyd
I agree with this post! Out of interest, Gwyd, where did you get your whip from? I'm looking for one, recommendations would be good. Benjy!
The best fire whips are found at www.firewhip.com . Nice weight, good handling and built to last. Of course, since this is instructables, you can buy kevlar wicking and braid your own like you would a nylon parachord whip... Gwyd
ah yes! www.firewhip.com - such a pretty site! As it happens, since my post i made a firewhip with just some kevlar rope, some fire diabolo string and a piece of metal piping (as suggested by fireninja.com - work amazingly well!) Now I can put all my whip cracking skills into a fire show - result!
pyro13246 years ago
looks like the whip ghost rider uses XD
Hmm although extremely awesome looking.. I'm gonna have to pass on possibly burning a giant gash in my leg/ arm/ face/ penis...
Trogador7 years ago
People should start calling you the "Resident Pyro of Instructables" :P Seriously, though, this thing combined with fire breathing could make for an entertaining show at a party full of drunk people >_____________>
yerjoking7 years ago
Looks like something off prince of persia lol, nice thing though, and is this possible to hit someone with? or would it hit you before it hit your victim?
EnigmaMax7 years ago
Why do you have food for a keyword?!? this does not look tasty!
zamirii7 years ago
a good source for kevlar rope, wicking, and toys including fire whips and snakes is http://www.firewhip.com/ which is based out of florida and run by Riz. I've seen his performances and he is awsome!
radiorental9 years ago
Is that kevlar rope? looks more like cheapo cotton/polyester rope to me.
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