Step 3: Lighting and using

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Before you start have a bucket of water and an old towel soaked with water near by.With the chain wrapped around the handle, dunk it in a bucket or container of kerosene so it is completely submerged. If you do not fully submerge it parts will be left dry and may burn. After it has been saturated, shake it off until no more droplets fall from the chain.

To light: Hold the handle away from your body or anything that will burn, and using a bbq lighter, light it up.
Once it is ignited quickly unravel it so you do not get burned.

To use: Just wack it around a bit ;) make sure you dont go near anything flammable or anything that you wouldent want to be burned. After a while you should get the hang of it, but always be careful because sometimes it will do something unexpected like snap back towards you.

To extinguish: Place the flaming part of the whip in a small pile on the ground, and quickly put the wet towel over it. If you are done using it, wrap the entire chain around the handle again and dunk it in the bucket of water to cool off the chain links.

To refuel: Remove the wet towel. Make sure there are no smoldering parts left, wrap the chain around the handle by spinning the handle in your hands, and dunk it back in the kerosene. Warning: If there is any part left on fire or smoldering you will be at risk of setting the bucket of kerosene on fire.
wow it looks impossible to crack
I would not advise dunking the chain into the bucket of water. I would suggest laying it out to cool naturally. Dunking the wicking in water shortens it's life and could weaken the chain and eventually break. I also suggest getting some type of metal container (cookie tins work well) and using that to keep ur device in. I would also suggest changing your fuel. For our fire dancing, we use Lamp Oil mixed with White Fuel (Coleman (or generic) camp fuel). Mix this in a 3:1 ratio of 3 parts white gas to 1 part Lamp Oil. This will make it burn brighter. Otherwise just use Lamp Oil, NEVER use Kerosene! While Kerosene has a high flash point, it does burn at a much higher temp. and is more dangerous! See www.homeofpoi.com for more info. on mixing fuel. My other SAFETY suggestion (coming from a former fire dancer who is now a fire safety spotter), also have a fire extinguisher near by (preferably in someone's hand ready to put any mis-haps out. Also, practice using the whip before you light it on fire. Get familiar with the way it acts and what it can do. Also, NEVER wear any loose (flowy) clothing especially if it's flamable! For more safety info., watch the fire safety videos on www.homeofpoi.com. REMEMBER- Safety should be your number one priority!!! Now that I'm done with my safety comments, looks like a cool idea and I can't wait to try to build one!
ksosh9 years ago
Note: Do not attempt this near the laundry line (see upper right corner of picture).
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Hey, that's how I removed my lawn too.