Flame sensor is interfaced to arduino to detect Flame. Led and buzzer are interfaced to arduino to indicate the flame.

Hard ware components required:-

1) Flame sensor (Analogue Output)


3)Bread board



6)Connecting wires

Step 1: Hard Ware Connections

Flame sensor interfacing to Arduino

Flame sensor to Arduino

vcc -> vcc

gnd -> gnd

A0 -> A0

Led interfacing to Arduino

LED +ve is connected to 9th pin of Arduino

LED -ve is connected to gnd pin of arduino

For detailded description regarding led interfacing refer the below link


Buzzer interfacing to Arduino

Buzzer +ve is connected to 12th pin of Arduino

Buzzer -ve is connected to GND pin of Arduino

<p>Hi, What is &quot;100&quot;... Celsius or Fahrenheit? and why does it go down? what is the measurement unit?</p>
<p> I had a good time learning with this my first Arduino project. I'm hoping to intergrate this into a machine tool and open the E-stop circuit in the event of a flash fire. Hopefully as an added level of protection.</p>
<p>Why threshold is kept 100. What if it is kept to 200 and so?</p>
<p>Good Post....</p>
<p>How to adjust the distance of fire detection range?</p>
<p>how much ohm resitor is used in fire alarm project</p>
<p>I used a 330 ohm and it worked fine. </p>
Maybe this could be used to control a diy pellet burner. Hmmm ...

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