Instructions on how to modify a spiderman webslinger into a handheld flamethower. Disclaimer: I havent had any problems with this design and I have never been burned by it, however it still is dangerouse and I take no responsibility for anyone who attempts to build this.

Step 1: Parts

The parts list is pretty simple and cheap. Everything together should cost less then 40$

1. Spiderman webslinger toy with three attatchments( Waterbottle, dart shooter, and silly string) Bought on e-bay for 13.19

2. Sturdy clear 1/4" vinyl hose. About 2 feet length.

3. Devcon- all purpose adhesive and vinyl mender.

4. Computer keyboard duster.

5. Pouch attatchable to belt, or make one using duct tape( I used an infared thermometer pouch by cutting it down the side, taping it, and adding some velcro) used to hold the can of air.

6. Benzomatic handheld blow torch. Bought on e-bay or at home depot.

7. Rollerblading wrist guard.

8. Zip strips

9. Scissors

10. Saw

11. Drill with 1/4" drill bit
(removed by author of community request)<br>(NOT ACTUALLY) :)
Yes winshield washer fluid or de-icer works ok. Though, methanol is sort of toxic, they use about 60% methanol in there (or ethanol, or sometimes isopropanol). But 91% isopropyl alcohol works better, cause unlike methanol and ethanol, you can see the flame during the day. The reason they mix M/ethanol and gas (e/m85) Cause you cannot see it if in a crash.
You cant see it in a crash? the people trying to save you would just set themselves on fire trying to save your life. stupid Chinese oil companies
Thats real smart, you shoot fire right at the wall of your own house.
This is pretty awesome, although i probably would opt for a simpler method.
You should make one with the Dart Attachment so you can make a Fire Ball Shooter!
Men, your crazy! <br>
I mean M85 and E85 fuels.
This is cool, ima try and think of a way to use a barbaque lighter thing to light it when you flick the wrist thing down, rather than a blowtorch. good idea man!
you could use 90%alcool it works nicely
dude try zippo fuel, it'l light in a stream it's easy to put out (in case of emergancy) and it is non-corrosive. If you do test it, please let me knoe. I want to see avid of it in action. Looks damn unsafe to me though.
zippo lighter fluid sometimes irritates your skin if it gets on you
&nbsp;Does it matter if it irritates your skin? One accidental knuckle touch and BAM no more middle finger tendon.
eeeeugh, Gore and death and the like don't bother me one bit but for some reason that thought buged me a bit. I&nbsp;get a picture of ..............O_o just ouch
&nbsp;I would also suggest something to cover your hand. If that torch ever touched you...lets say you would lose the use of your fingers.
Wait, so the can of pressurized air is ON by default? Because you have to press the little tube DOWN to release the valve. How do you make the air go into the tank by default? Please help, I&nbsp;want to know how to make an un-pumpable watergun or something :D
This will be perfect for my Colonel Mustang cosplay!
you and killerjackalope would be great friends.
i'd attach the flame source to the water/flammables tank so that it wasn't on your wrist. less chance of accidentally burning your fingers that way. also looks cooler.
alcahol is good
instead of using torch to ignite try something like a spark plug or a jacobs ladder style contineos flow (for as long as needed)
really? attaching a flammable materials and a torch to your arm? How stupid can you get? i urge you to reconseder this, because it could spray, or break and burn your arm severly.
quite true
but you cant actully be serious....
yeah i am
wow. you know what you should do? go home and pretend that your cool. wait, too late.
right back at ya
And whats your problem?, you keep insulting people
because you freakin dumb!
Calm down princess
look, i know you think "aha, i got him, because i called him a princess, and now what will he do! maybe he'll leave and stop saying mean things to me, because i called him a princess" It would have even been a legit comment if you didnt add princess, that just proves that you need one more insult to sum it up, truth is no one wants to listen to someone insulting you, unless forced, so calm down is immeditly thrown away as a valid statement, which equals, You fail.
If it was safe then everybody would do it. If everybody did it it wouldn't be fun. If it isn't fun people will say it's unsafe. If it's unsafe then it would be fun. If it is fun people will try to ban it. If people try to ban it it will be done. Therefore screw safety and live a little.
really? so, in that case, anything no one does is cool, but if anyone did it, it wouldnt be, so no one would. you are retarted. this honstly is a really bad i dea, knowing from expreinece with flamables, i wouldnt recomend this to anyone
fine then! The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the more you forget, the more you forget, the less you know. So why read?
thats stupid! you dont forget everything you read! are you retarted? so if you dont learn anything ever, youll be smaret, cause youll never forget anything? your.... oh my god..
okay think of it this way, all you know is that 2+2=4. You know NOTHING else. How often do you think you would forget that. let's say you memorize an entire 400 page book word for word. How often do you think you would forget something from that.<br/>
which wouyld be more useful. 2+2, or what you would remember from a huge book. oblisly the huge book. even if you only remembered a page, it would be more than 2+2
What if that page only contained one word over and over again?
find one book that only has one word. im serious, if you do ill give you props
I didn't say that. I said one page that repeated the same word over and over, or at least, that what I meant. I'm working on finding a better picture but this should suffice. You might need to click on it to see it clearly.
books usally have more than one page
Actually, that's page 154, book two of the lemony snickets series of unfortunate events series, and the whole, ever ever ever thing, is on two pages I think. It was hard to google an image of it. I'm attempting to find a better image of it.
ok. i no lemony snicket books have more then one word, so theres no use. reading one of those is more usefull than knowing 2+2, so there, discusian over, i dont need a nother pic
Just for the record, I never said a whole book with just one word, just a page.
And I said reading a book would help you more then 2+2, not reeading one page, so it doesnt matter, its still more usefull, i dont even know what you did that all to prove
I thought the discussion as over...
by the way, with my experience with flammables, stuff not on fire doesn't like to catch on fire... That's why you can take a lighter refill can and ignite it as your spraying it out of the can to make a wookid sweet fireball without setting your room on fire. Been there done that.
well said
reconseder, why not get a spell check before advising people on being stupid.

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