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Instructions on how to modify a spiderman webslinger into a handheld flamethower. Disclaimer: I havent had any problems with this design and I have never been burned by it, however it still is dangerouse and I take no responsibility for anyone who attempts to build this.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
The parts list is pretty simple and cheap. Everything together should cost less then 40$

1. Spiderman webslinger toy with three attatchments( Waterbottle, dart shooter, and silly string) Bought on e-bay for 13.19

2. Sturdy clear 1/4" vinyl hose. About 2 feet length.

3. Devcon- all purpose adhesive and vinyl mender.

4. Computer keyboard duster.

5. Pouch attatchable to belt, or make one using duct tape( I used an infared thermometer pouch by cutting it down the side, taping it, and adding some velcro) used to hold the can of air.

6. Benzomatic handheld blow torch. Bought on e-bay or at home depot.

7. Rollerblading wrist guard.

8. Zip strips

9. Scissors

10. Saw

11. Drill with 1/4" drill bit
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Matt D6554 years ago
Yes winshield washer fluid or de-icer works ok. Though, methanol is sort of toxic, they use about 60% methanol in there (or ethanol, or sometimes isopropanol). But 91% isopropyl alcohol works better, cause unlike methanol and ethanol, you can see the flame during the day. The reason they mix M/ethanol and gas (e/m85) Cause you cannot see it if in a crash.
You cant see it in a crash? the people trying to save you would just set themselves on fire trying to save your life. stupid Chinese oil companies
Thats real smart, you shoot fire right at the wall of your own house.
ilpug3 years ago
This is pretty awesome, although i probably would opt for a simpler method.
You should make one with the Dart Attachment so you can make a Fire Ball Shooter!
inventeen4 years ago
Men, your crazy!
Matt D6554 years ago
I mean M85 and E85 fuels.
craig35 years ago
This is cool, ima try and think of a way to use a barbaque lighter thing to light it when you flick the wrist thing down, rather than a blowtorch. good idea man!
you could use 90%alcool it works nicely
neardood7 years ago
dude try zippo fuel, it'l light in a stream it's easy to put out (in case of emergancy) and it is non-corrosive. If you do test it, please let me knoe. I want to see avid of it in action. Looks damn unsafe to me though.
zippo lighter fluid sometimes irritates your skin if it gets on you
 Does it matter if it irritates your skin? One accidental knuckle touch and BAM no more middle finger tendon.
eeeeugh, Gore and death and the like don't bother me one bit but for some reason that thought buged me a bit. I get a picture of ..............O_o just ouch
ZantoD5 years ago
 I would also suggest something to cover your hand. If that torch ever touched you...lets say you would lose the use of your fingers.
Colonel885 years ago
Wait, so the can of pressurized air is ON by default? Because you have to press the little tube DOWN to release the valve. How do you make the air go into the tank by default? Please help, I want to know how to make an un-pumpable watergun or something :D
Raisian6 years ago
This will be perfect for my Colonel Mustang cosplay!
Matt214976 years ago
you and killerjackalope would be great friends.
i'd attach the flame source to the water/flammables tank so that it wasn't on your wrist. less chance of accidentally burning your fingers that way. also looks cooler.
alcahol is good
shabaki6 years ago
instead of using torch to ignite try something like a spark plug or a jacobs ladder style contineos flow (for as long as needed)
really? attaching a flammable materials and a torch to your arm? How stupid can you get? i urge you to reconseder this, because it could spray, or break and burn your arm severly.
quite true
but you cant actully be serious....
yeah i am
wow. you know what you should do? go home and pretend that your cool. wait, too late.
right back at ya
And whats your problem?, you keep insulting people
because you freakin dumb!
Calm down princess
look, i know you think "aha, i got him, because i called him a princess, and now what will he do! maybe he'll leave and stop saying mean things to me, because i called him a princess" It would have even been a legit comment if you didnt add princess, that just proves that you need one more insult to sum it up, truth is no one wants to listen to someone insulting you, unless forced, so calm down is immeditly thrown away as a valid statement, which equals, You fail.
If it was safe then everybody would do it. If everybody did it it wouldn't be fun. If it isn't fun people will say it's unsafe. If it's unsafe then it would be fun. If it is fun people will try to ban it. If people try to ban it it will be done. Therefore screw safety and live a little.
really? so, in that case, anything no one does is cool, but if anyone did it, it wouldnt be, so no one would. you are retarted. this honstly is a really bad i dea, knowing from expreinece with flamables, i wouldnt recomend this to anyone
fine then! The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the more you forget, the more you forget, the less you know. So why read?
thats stupid! you dont forget everything you read! are you retarted? so if you dont learn anything ever, youll be smaret, cause youll never forget anything? your.... oh my god..
okay think of it this way, all you know is that 2+2=4. You know NOTHING else. How often do you think you would forget that. let's say you memorize an entire 400 page book word for word. How often do you think you would forget something from that.
which wouyld be more useful. 2+2, or what you would remember from a huge book. oblisly the huge book. even if you only remembered a page, it would be more than 2+2
What if that page only contained one word over and over again?
find one book that only has one word. im serious, if you do ill give you props
I didn't say that. I said one page that repeated the same word over and over, or at least, that what I meant. I'm working on finding a better picture but this should suffice. You might need to click on it to see it clearly.
never ever ever.bmp
books usally have more than one page
Actually, that's page 154, book two of the lemony snickets series of unfortunate events series, and the whole, ever ever ever thing, is on two pages I think. It was hard to google an image of it. I'm attempting to find a better image of it.
ok. i no lemony snicket books have more then one word, so theres no use. reading one of those is more usefull than knowing 2+2, so there, discusian over, i dont need a nother pic
Just for the record, I never said a whole book with just one word, just a page.
And I said reading a book would help you more then 2+2, not reeading one page, so it doesnt matter, its still more usefull, i dont even know what you did that all to prove
I thought the discussion as over...
by the way, with my experience with flammables, stuff not on fire doesn't like to catch on fire... That's why you can take a lighter refill can and ignite it as your spraying it out of the can to make a wookid sweet fireball without setting your room on fire. Been there done that.
well said
reconseder, why not get a spell check before advising people on being stupid.
Reconsider, why not get a "Spell Check" before advising people on being stupid Your spelling counts as well.
because, im to lazy.
hey - ludwig, why do you have to insult everyone
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i only comment on things i think you say are unreasonable. That took a lot of work...
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i will stop. let me fill you in though. You are the one that started flaming me because I apparently behaved wierdly.
my B.
my bad
kenprush6 years ago
I like the idea, but it seems really stupid...

I'll let you know how it works! =)
pbpenguin58 years ago
a really great fluid to use as fuel is WD-40, bug-spray also works well. but in my testing, WD-40 is bigger and kinda cool.
bug spray is actualy a bad idea to use the last time i was messing with it i almost passed out from the fumes
Yeah, not the best idea.
good point
bod deoderant spray burns well, comes out fast and goes about 3-5 feet. also, its loud as hell when you burn it in a bathroom stall ;)
Please tell me that's from experience.
ramboboy6 years ago
that was aswome
clever, but GOOD GOD..... really?
TorinMiasma6 years ago
Not to be a buzzkill but this is a seriously bad idea. I'm normally a fairly reckless person but i have seen flames crawl back up into tubes and explode the source material before. A better idea for this is something that does a lot of short rapid bursts. it would be slightly safer than this. Another idea (i definitely know this isn't safe) would be using a small butane/ propane lighter with a trigger and attach it onto the piece you pull down. it would light when you used the lever to shoot. Cool idea though.
yeah, like when you have a trigger nozzle on a hose that's closed, and you turn the water off, the pressurized water in the hose rushes back ans sprays out the sides.
Wasagi6 years ago
Although I don't agree with how Ludwig Gunner is commenting on this topic, I have to agree with him.

While creative, and a interesting idea, this is a somewhat bad idea. If the slightest thing goes wrong, you could lose your arm or seriously injure yourself.

Interesting Idea though...
flaresam6 years ago
Thats really cool! Just one question, how did you make the prototype? Did you just strap a butane can 2 your arm? In the pic it looks like ur pressing something down to make the butane come out.
Fireman... Fireman... does what no other fire can... Burns his arm, bought the farm... He's the amazing Fireman...
How do you make the prototype?
coatesy9007 years ago
wap some petrol in it, that would be an interesting experiment. :)
It would corrode the plastic parts and glue , It is hard to put out , The stream will go to the ground , And the fumes ould ignite , Plus , at these prices , who would waste gas ?
If it was safe then everybody would do it. If everybody did it it wouldn't be fun. If it isn't fun people will say it's unsafe. If it's unsafe then it would be fun. If it is fun people will try to ban it. If people try to ban it it will be done. Therefore screw safety and live a little.
put the torch on top or side of the gun so you dont burn your hand.
santy226 years ago
Lets KILL DR OCK WITH FIRE! also make a good crystal statue out of sand dude
Darkseid6 years ago
This is stupid, you need some sort of valve that would allow you to safely do this without the worry of the flame going back into the spiderman webslinger.
brandonssk7 years ago
Actually, 1 CFC molecule can destroy 1 O3(ozone)Molecule! Athough it still isnt a good idea to be using aerosol for a flamthrower.
I'm pretty sure he's right, the CFC doesn't break down as a result of interacting with ozone. It acts as a catalyst but not break down until its (approximately 50 year) half-life expires.
In Australia CFC aerosols are banned.
poopmonkey7 years ago
what happens when the flame goes into the tube into the spiderman toy then goes into the can of air (it goes boom)
what you have previously stated is impossible. fire NEEDS oxygen to stay alive.
Zeratul2567 years ago
There is a reason that they put "highly flammable" on most cans. Correct me please, if I am wrong, but aren't those cans filled with Oxygen? That thing blows, you could lose a few fingers.
they are filled with aeresol. not oxygen.
neardood7 years ago
dude that thing looks really evil! I think that useing a gas axe as a pilot flame was a bit much though.
photis227 years ago
do you think that if you used an explosive quik release valve like in this instructable you could get more of a fireball effect?
or you can do this on the short run and duct tape a bic to the front of the spiderman silly string thing a little thin flame that goes far!
stale567 years ago
spiderman 4: spidey burning buildings
bbobjoefred7 years ago
screw silly string this thing rules
dude.... silly string is like pwnage
Mattrox7 years ago
One word AWESOME
sector477 years ago
i did it with the spinning one let me just say ......AWSOME!!!!!!!! bad burgler bad!
Kopolis7777 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!won't it burn your hand though?
ArtemisBlue7 years ago
Sweet Jesus, I had one of those spider-man webslingers when I was 10. My dad actually did this but a tad more primitive. He used scrap metal and a lighter for the butane tank and he used the silly string for the flammable material.
danielswsr7 years ago
Your perfect liquid is actually i gas i have been expirementing with a few flame throwers my self and your solution is butane, just replace the air duster canister with a canister of butane aka green gas or lighter fluid( you can get some cans from a camping store because many outdoor stoves use butane, and another great thing about it is that butane is self pressurinzing, but when you put the can of butane in the bouch make sure that when your filling it up the canister is upside down, if u use this idea in a new instructable please credit my account
Would a butane canister connecting to the arm strap work well and safe (not using the spiderman bottle)? Like on the first photo on this instructable, how the air duster is directly on the arm strap. Do you think it's safe to replace that with a butane canister? Let me know asap.
grunnieking7 years ago
this so cool dude
brainspater7 years ago
Dude I had the same idea but it was 3 gal jug.
PYROMan18 years ago
is there any way to make this blow up
Tetranitrate (author)  PYROMan18 years ago
Hmm, a plastic device containing pressurized gasses, flammable liquid, and open flame ... nope I'm pretty sure there is no way to make this thing explode.
Lol and what your doing in your icon is like a walk in a park
to bad it probably woud have been cool
Yeah i know
Tetranitrate (author)  PYROMan18 years ago
Good ... hard to be sure sometimes.
ok so how do we make it explode
good thanks
Tetranitrate (author)  PYROMan18 years ago
A week of regular usage.
Tetranitrate (author)  PYROMan18 years ago
Shifrin7 years ago
Wow, you can kill some one!
Smart, but dangerous. Still, it's wicked cool. (added to favorites)
eatbokbok7 years ago
i see a very big problem. If you apply too much pressure from the gas duster into your fuel tank it will explode and will get burned quite badly. After all, your pressure source(the gas can) is made of metal for a good reason and your fuel tank is only made of plastic. Another problem that may or may not happen is that when you are shooting the fuel out, the flames may siphon back into your fuel tank, burn all your fuel, and explode. :( It's a clever idea but very risky.
uberchoob7 years ago
Not to sound like a far left tree hugger or anything, but keyboard dusters and the like are just CFC's in a can. A single CFC molecule can destroy something like 12,000 ozone molecules.. Just a little food for thought.
jman647 years ago
cool idea but what happens when the oxygen tank blows up you will burn yourself .
you die.
not really, you'd be seriously injured, though. The shrapnel wouldn't be too bad, and there would be only a half second of explosion.
well, it also depends on what kind of material the tank is made from, if its a metal, your dead, plastic will just hurt a lot
It also depends on the type of plastic. Some kinds break in small pieces, others tend to break in chunks.
thats true :)
acually no the fuel tank cannot blow up because there is not a sufficient amount of air in the nozzle for the flame to flow threw beleive me dont argue
i know, just IF the tank would blow up, there would be shrapnel everywhere so you would die, i didnt say it would be able to explode :P
hcold7 years ago
This is a terrible idea. I love it!
hbartosik8 years ago
this leaves very bad burns on your arm. i wouldnt recommend making this. unless you made it out of steel, i dont see how its doable
steel will burn you even faster, as it guides heat like a apple falling from the sky...
sweeet_20127 years ago
LOL!!! In the first pic, he was shooting the thing off in a bedroom or something!!! omg! Tetranite, you got problems bro!
jueston7 years ago
butane refill for lighters will prolly work pretty well, when i was a kid i made a flame throuwer out of a can of butane and a modified cocking gun... the cocking gun gave it a pistol grip and trigger and it felt like a real gun after i painted it.... i could get maybe 4 or 5 feet of flame off of the butane tank...
Pbyrd7 years ago
Ok. First of all I don't think your mommy will buy you any more toys after seeing this. Second of all you could take napalm thin it so its not thick and sticky then use that as a fuel.
KBHELLSPAWN7 years ago
UUUUMMM YOU have some really awesome ideas and all Tetranitrate, but you are kinda f***ing nuts!!! How the hell do you come up with this stuff?
the ideal liquid would be jet fuel.....however, thats a little hard to come by.......try paint thinner.
snipegoat8 years ago
now someone needs to make on with that spinning web crap think about it a big spiraly vortex of spinning flamming DEATH!!!!!
i had the same idea but i have a feeling that the whole fire spinning near your hand would be bad
btop snipegoat8 years ago
okay if the flame somehow got into the valve, you would be SERIOUSLY fucked. probably dead no way in hell i'd try this ill stick to my spud gun lol
Neodudeman8 years ago
How well did your original design work? It looks a lot simpler.
evo313378 years ago
Neat idea, but instead of all of this, get a torch and a can of brake cleaner. Brake cleaner shoots 10 feet or so and is ridiculously flammable.
Jethro8 years ago
WD-40 is the best I've ever found. It is available at any hardware store and most general stores for considerable prices and many sizes. It burns evenly and doesn't creep into the nozzle, which could b deadly. I feel that WD-40 is you're best bet.
BlueFusion8 years ago
How about: instead of using a flammable liquid, simply use an empty tank and use a butane blowtorch refill can? No liquid, the can provides the pressure, etc etc. However you would need to work out a way of keeping the nozzle on the butane can pressed without holding it. (it would need to be on all the time when you are using it; not just as a refill)
Microcutter8 years ago
I think i am in love. thank you screw my bioreactor who need ethonol when you can have that thing.put this on youtube please.good work
gnose8 years ago
if youre careless, youd unclench your hand from the trigger and burn the back of your hand. and seeing thats a blowtorch..
DJEuthyphro8 years ago
This is a bad idea-A Rockin bad idea! If spiderman shot fire instead of web, he would totally be in jail.
Kaiven8 years ago
hahahahahaha... you ARE nuts...
pyroman698 years ago
awsome instuctabele and flamethrower design but i cant seem to find a hand held flamethrower
thecubic9 years ago
Trifluoroethane (CF3CH3) + fire = CO (carbon monoxide) + HF (hydrogen fluroride). Keep that in mind, lest you want to win a Darwin award.
Tetranitrate (author)  thecubic9 years ago
Yes, thats actually what inspired my pressure system. My friend and I were talking about what to use as a fuel for the flames, he suggested the canned air because when it burns it gives off this really potent acid so youd have an acidic flame. I thought that was an intresting idea, and then I got the idea to use the canned air for pressure to push a flammable liquid. But think about it, even if the flame wasnt acidic, I dont think youd want to find yourself staring down the buisness end of one of these
What acid are you referring to? (in the flame)
Tetranitrate (author)  lemonie8 years ago
"Hydrofluoric Acid is quite possibly the most dangerous chemical deal with in PowerLabs. Spilling 70% HF over 2% of the body area will very easily result in death the acid destroys tissue, decalcifies bone, and poisons the nervous system. Spills as small as 100mL have resulted in death, despite amputation of the exposed limb and immediate treatment with calcium gluconate; the small molecular size of the acid makes it penetrate skin and fat very quickly, and once it is in the blood it will act as a poison." Nice little excerpt from powerlabs.
Yes I know HF and it is quite nasty. I was mostly interested in "canned air because when it burns it gives off this really potent acid" - how is HF produced from this canned-air system? Regards L
I'm not sure what this does, could you expand? And with there being 2 x 3 F, it's hexafluoroethane.
lemonie lemonie8 years ago
Error - I wasn't paying attention. But I still don't see what this combination is going to do. You're short on oxidants, and fluorinated hydrocarbons are not the best of fuels. This mixture does not look like it would do much, if anything...
pyro228 years ago
hydrogen fluoride is nasty stuff. cool site http://www.powerlabs.org/chemlabs/hydrofluo.htm
Illidan8 years ago
so do you kiwisk8s2day- we happen to like this crazy crap
Illidan8 years ago
what stops the plastic melting and dripping all over your arm causing horrible scars?
0.775volts9 years ago
I would build the whole apparatus on a welding gauntlet. a pair will run about 8 bucks from your local wal-mart, and will pretty much remove the danger of burning your hand (only where the glove is, however. you can use the spare glove to light camp fires, simply drench your finger of choice(i use the middle) in fuel and light it. also a nice touch at night: give people a flaming bird. while at walmart, head to the toy section, to the hobby models, and pick up a can of propel and a cheap airbrush, these have screw-on hoses with valves, so you won't have to worry about a loss of pressure. of course, your best bet would be to use a paintball regulator (set to a lower pressure, of course) so that you can fill the airspace of your fuel vessle with CO2, thus reducing the explosive hazard. I may try a mock-up to let you know how it works. I've been itching to play around with those disposable crossman tanks from wal-mart (you know, the co2 powerlet on steroids)
15zack15ace9 years ago
tettrain or whatever didnt you mak the taser glove?
Tetranitrate (author)  15zack15ace9 years ago
Yes, yes I did. I specalize in dangerous things. Its been suggested to me by many people that I should go into weapons design for the government, however despite what it may look like Im actually a peace loving person. I have one philosophy for life, that if everyone followed the world would be a better place, and I try to follow it as much as possible. Do whatever the hell you want as long as it in no way harms or has a high risk of harming any other being. It can be applied to any situation to judge the morality of any action.
very good philosophy, and is my definition in inverse of sin...however, in the traditional sense, it is a sin to harm yourself as well.
i have a recomendation for the flammable liquid, while experimenting with some flammable liquids on our free time at work, we discovered that Dykem Remover has a very low flash point, and when sprayed out of a common household spray bottle produces a very impressive flame! just using that sprayer we were able to shoot a flame about 3 feet on the long distance setting, and a very large fire ball on the spray mode. this stuff is readily available, as dykem red and blue are common stains used in all machine shops. Flame on!
Ian019 years ago
It's Denatured.
Ian019 years ago
To avoid burning your hand: Turn your arm the other way up. Move the microtorch down a bit. Move the spray thing forward a bit and aim slightly up.
Ummmm what hapens when the high pressure from the liquid CO2 in the can blows apart the plastic hand holder thing and you gut hit by shards of shrapnel as well as catching on fire ????
especially since the design of the bottle places all available pressure on a distortion free load bearing design. You will have no visual or audible cues before the limits of its capacity are reached. And when pressurized gas erupts, it then seriously distorts its container,(it shards the plastic). The gas then either blows out the torch, fat chance, or ignites, transducing chemical power to heat and kinetic displacement adding to the already considerable shockwave you would already experience. I caution you as your parents should have, don't play with fire son! Ok, that being said, it is wicked awesome!
Scurl!9 years ago
i admit this made me laugh, there's plenty of points for webslingin' style, but there's also plenty of plans for flamethrowers that don't put your hand between the fuel source and the ignition source. personally, i think part of what makes me "man" is my ability to grasp things well with my "fingers", and therefor shall avoid this project like the plague so that i have a better chance of keeping them.
exe Scurl!9 years ago
Well, his website is http://burntfingertips.com/ after all.
LOL! That is CRAZY cool (with emphasis on CRAZY)! OK so, since this thing is ALREADY a seemingly dangerous concept let me up the ante.... Have u seen those video's of birthday parties where the kids is blowing out his candles, someone sprays silly string around and it immediately catches fire? So how about losing the canned air and substituting silly string? Its more Spiderman like and assuming u don't set urself on fire, shrapnel ur gut or a myriad of other death inducing things...wouldn't that just be even COOLER!?!
The new silly string stuff is water based and has to be gauranteed that it will not be flammable so you kinda have to look hard for the cheapo japanese made stuff that someohow got through customs and is still laced with alcahol and that stuff is getting harder to find. They made that rule because too many people were lighting it on fire by accident and kids were getting scarred for life, so good idea but getting harder to find
MrE9 years ago
Dude, I have built many potato cannons and used a lot of different chemicals for them. I averecently started building Flame throwers, for the coolness factor. I have found that the best fluid is WD-40 or any cheap suitable knockoff. Trust me on this, for starters it's an oil so it lubricates. Two it flows easily because of the low viscosity of the fluid itself. Now I know it can get expensive to buy the spray bottles and dump it into another container but..... this is the neat part and why I like it the best. Harbor freight sells a good wd-40 knockoff that you can buy relatively cheap by the gallon. Give it a try I think you will like it. it atomizes well but be carful if you hold that wrist thing upside down the fluid is alittle heavier than normal stuff you might be used and land on your bare skin. I would find a way to extend that nozzle forward just a little more . Hope this helps or that you like the comment.
trialex9 years ago
Awesome! If there is a chance of a problem occuring, your spidey-sense will tingle anyway and you'll know to shut it off.
Scurl! trialex9 years ago
drat, i forgot about spidey sense....never mind, this idea is foolproof!
brocknoland9 years ago
Based on your works, I predict your life will be short and end by explosion or fire. I would never make this, but I respect your ability. Good luck.
onTheJDAR9 years ago
Maybe the nozzle for the fuel could be extended to reach over the hand, and move the torch if necesary. Also, some sort of flame-proof glove would be useful
Tetranitrate (author)  onTheJDAR9 years ago
A kevlar glove would protect your hand from all flames, however it is bulky and I have never been burned by it so Ill keep on risking it.
Dolinski9 years ago
Man thats a bad idea, but its wicked-factor overpowers every voice of reason!
mabufo9 years ago
Bad. Idea.
Moogle9 years ago
A friend of my dad's has a lighter that has a 1 or 2 foot metal bendy neck with a battery operated spark igniter that continually sparks as long as you hold down the gas button. You might be able to find one and hack it on, or recreate it with some LED flasher circuit and capacitors & transformers. Might be a safer ignition system than the torch, but probably not as reliable.
Jerb9 years ago
for those who dont want to look at the bottom of the page but want to know what Trebuchet03 is talking about read this: "All information, data, text, software, music, sound, diagrams, photographs, graphics, video, messages or any other materials whatsoever (collectively, "Content"), whether publicly posted on or privately transmitted via Instructables, are the sole responsibility and property of the person from which such Content originated (the “Author”). This means that the user, and not Squid Labs, is entirely responsible for all Content that he or she uploads, posts, emails or otherwise transmits via Instructables or any Service. Within the confines of international and local law, Squid Labs will generally not place a limit on the type, or appropriateness of content created by users. Those users posting material not suitable for all audiences must agree that they are fully responsible for all the content they have posted anywhere on the service. Should content be deemed illegal by such law having jurisdiction over the user, Squid Labs is committed to submitting all necessary information to the proper authorities;"
Moogle Jerb9 years ago
Yup. If I upload, say, an instructable on how to torture cats, it's me that ends up in jail, not Squid Labs. However, the Squid disclaimer doesn't seem to say (so far as I can tell), that the poster is responsible for the actions of other users upon viewing the website. So if Junior McNobrain imitates a match stick, it's no one's fault but his own. No conflict here. Still, you can always be sued for anything. A pre-existing statement of lack of responsibility is helpful in the resulting court case.
Todumb4u9 years ago
That owns!!!!Awesome job!
mrbob10009 years ago
rubbing alcohol might work well for this