Who doesn't want one?

Step 1: What You'll Need

-Handlebars and handbrakes

-Aerosol Spray Can

-Button/Electric Lighter

-Zip Ties

-Metal Hanger

-Butter Knife


-Hot Glue Gun

-Caulk Backing (optional foam for handlebars)

-Small Wire Cutters

-Power Drill

Step 2: Putting the Brakes on the Handlebars

Slide hand brakes on handlebars and tighten to stay in the right place. If there is extra cord from the brakes roll it up and secure it with zip ties. Cut any unnecessary ends of the zip ties once you're done.

Step 3: Drill Time

Put a hole in the spot where you want your brakes. I put mine about where the other hand brakes would be. Keep in mind that the brakes fit the handle bar sideways, so don't put it too far to the end.

Step 4: Attach the Brake

Screw in the bike brakes where the hole you just put in is. Use the screw that would have been for attaching the brake to your bike. Then use the bolt to tighten it.

Step 5: Attaching the Spray Can

Remove the brakes as they are unnecessary. You probably won't need too, but I cut out the bottom flat part of my hanger. Then zip tied it to the side of my can as an extra support and wrapped The extra wire around the midsection of the brake. Glue in red area shown in the picture, when you are ready to attach your spray.

Step 6: Legos and a Butter Knife?

The butter knife is used to push down the spray cans top, and the Legos are used to stabilize the butter knife so it pushes down on the spray can. So you don't necessarily need to use either, but that was just convenient for me and the Legos were perfect for adjusting size for different spray cans.

Step 7: Now the Lighter

In order to make the lighter not go out immediately you need to have some sort of separation. I used Legos again, you again do not have to use Leggos i just found them handy as a buffer

Step 8: All Done

Have fun, don't break the law, be responsible, and probably don't use it indoors but i'm not your boss so do what ever you want. Bye.

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