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**This instructable is meant purely for guiding purposes, therefore the
end product you create is yours, and has no legal ties to me. Please be careful.**

I'm a starving tinkerer with a lot of ideas, and would like to share
some of them with this VERY impressive community. Please be kind,
this is my first instructable!!

My intention is to show you the basic components of this device
to create your own unique version of it.

I originally built the first version of this simply to have a squirt gun
mounted on the palm of my hand. It was powered by a c02 paintball
tank and had a serious amount of power, but was very awkward to use.

This new "base" version is a stand alone unit mounted on the forearm,
and can be operated with one hand. (after activating the safety)

I plan to create a few related instructables showing possible add-ons for
this device, including auxiliary tanks that can either be worn on the bicep,
or on the back.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities available for this device. I've
included an example of such an upgrade here; my flame gauntlet upgrade.


(This particular modification is not for destructive purposes, I was looking
for work as a prop creation artist a the time and wanted to create a dramatic working
prop for my job portfolio)


Heavy Gloves (protects the most important tools, YOUR HANDS. Working with power tools
and metal really puts your hands at risk, trust me, you'll regret not wearing them.)

Power Drill (Make sure you have a drill bit that can make a hole big enough for
your machine screws, and is strong enough to drill through aluminum)

Plumber's Tape (also called teflon tape, it is white and can be found in the plumbing aisle)

Crescent Wrench (having two is always a good idea, it makes tightening much more effective)

Pliers (Helps with tightening, and bending aluminum)

Shears or Scissors (To cut the quick ties, and the inner lining material for the gauntlet. If you choose to use kevlar, you will need VERY sharp scissors or shears.)

Sharpie marker (to make marks and leave yourself directions)

Conduit Bender (For bending aluminum flat bar. Not essential, but it's very tough work without it.)

Duct Tape (helps when you don't have an extra set of hands, or want to reinforce something)

Quick Ties (Easily and quickly holds components in place, you can also use Pipe Clamps.
I decided to use both to add extra strength and that heavy industrial look)


This is how my invention works. You could concievably stop here, think a bit and go build your unique version right now!! (that was supposed to be funny..)

COMPONENT #1 A barrel with a nozzle attatched at both ends. One end has a smaller nozzle through which liquid is fired out of, much like a squirtgun. The other nozzle is larger and fits into a tube that connects to another nozzle, linking it to a sprinkler valve.

COMPONENT #2 The sprinkler valve is linked to a tank that can hold liquid and air pressure. The tank is filled with liquid and pressurized, and when the sprinkler valve opens liquid passes through at a high rate due to air pressurization. The liquid moves through the connector tube, into the barrel, and exits at the nozzle.

COMPONENT #3 The above components are linked together, side by side, and must be mounted on the third component, the arm cage. Some sort of unit that can fit snugly over the wearer's forearm and handle the above components being firmly mounted to it.

Additional components may also include:

Two 9 volt batteries and connectors to operate the sprinkler valve.

An electronic switch to initiate the sprinkler valve.

An optional electronic trigger safety toggle switch.

A safety liquid shut off valve that separates the barrel and the sprinkler valve.

A glove to prevent the wearer's hand from becoming wet or scraping against the above components.

Quick ties, steel clamps, glue or duct tape to connect the above components.

Paint and other decorations.

A bike pump or air compressor.

A schrader valve (black stem valve that pokes out of car and bike tires)

Step 3: The Main Components; #1

Picture of The Main Components; #1

Didn't want to build your own?!?!

Okay, I'll give you a hint.

One very long, detailed, *hint*. =)


There are 3 components to this device, this is the first one.

I built this part by part, starting from where the liquid comes out, all the way to where it starts.

I took as many pictures as I could to help you out, please go through once first before you do anything.

Just like a story book, get to know the story first before you tell it.

Good luck and as always, if you have any questions comments or concerns, please feel free
to let me know!!





Okay, so you've gotten to the sprinkler valve.

Here's a cookie.

Now pay attention.

The whole point of this is to show you that you can mix, match, create, delete and re invent
as much as you want.

Especially with component #2, the air/liquid tank.

For me, it was easiest to use PVC schedule 40 pipe and fittings (I build air cannons)

You can find schedule 40 pvc and fittings in the plumbing aisle at home depot, lowes, osh, or any hardware store really.

I stress that it must be SCHEDULE 40 PVC, because it is pressure rated.

Using other pvc can be very hazardous. Pressurizing normal pvc leads to explosions and serious injury.

All of that being said, you could use a big plastic coke bottle if you wanted to.

Think about it, add an air valve in the side of the coke bottle, pour liquid inside it, screw it into the sprinkler valve, pressurize it, fire.

There's a million ways you can create a liquid tank.

This is how I did mine though, if anyone has an easy way, or oh my God an INSTRUCTABLE, please comment and let us all know.

One piece of advice though, Make sure your tank is positioned so that liquid will readily move through to the barrel.

Use your head, be careful and good luck.



Picture of MAIN COMPONENTS; #3

What?! You're still here?!?!

I'm out of cookies.


Here's the next step.


I also refer to this component as the arm cage, as it really is just a cage for your arm.

If you plan to make your own, your OWN way, make sure of two things.

1) The barrel and liquid tank can be secured to it very well.

2) It offers (your bare, fragile, human arm) protection from the metal components and fits well. (not too snug)


Okay, now If you want to do it my way, you'll need some strength.

I would suggest asking a friend to help, or possibly the terminator or superman.

Bending metal ain't easy.

Step 6: All Done.

Picture of All Done.
I've shown you a pictorial of how I built my VLPD.

Using that concept (pressurized liquid tank --> Sprinkler valve --> exit nozzle ) I hope you will be able to build your own unique version!

As you might of guessed, I am uncomfortable with providing exact instructions/material list. This keeps me safe should anyone try anything silly.

You can't deny that our generation uses squirt guns differently for fun.

To prove that, check out my video.

It's pretty old and LOW quality, but you get the point!!

Thank you for looking at my Instructable! Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

If you would like me to build something for you, I can do that too.

Head on over to my website. WWW.AEGISAVENGER.COM

thanks and be safe!!



nerd12 (author)2011-10-23

By the way are you indian?

fearow (author)2014-02-20

that is AWSOME!

Learner188 (author)2013-06-25

What type of liquid should i put in the thing to make the flames come out

Learner188 (author)2013-06-25

What type of liquid should i put in the thing to make the flames come out

InsaneWrath (author)2011-11-28

as it turns oout playing with this project in public can b dangerous by the words of a police officer thats bs should have burned him

DannytheGreat (author)2011-06-28

are denatured alcohol and rubbing alcohol the same?

If you use the liquid pressurized (which is really hard to do in the first place) it would lose pressurazation really quickly because the thing that is pressurizing it is leaving it instead of just expanding. Also the Co2 prevents the tank from exploding when you are running low and just fumes are escaping it. if you were to use regular pressurized air then the fumes would have oxygen which supports combustion and the flame would travel down the tubes into the tank where it would explode. Also Co2 tanks are easily found so they make a really good pre-pressurized source of air. Alchohol wouldnt burn very well and you would have trouble keeping it lit so i would suddgest using a light petrolium distilate such as lighter fluid, gasoline, acetone, etc which burn very fast and have a low combustion tempurature so they stay lit even when being squirted out if a homemade flamethrower.
P.S. sorry about my spelling

that didnt answer my question, but i forgive you on the spelling

i think rubbing alcohol is a generic term but denatured alcohol is more specific, like rubbing alcohol could possibly be denatured alcohol, or it could be made of some other kind... but i was answering another question that you asked, but i put it on the wrong comment... it was "why do use co2 to pressurize it instead of just putting in 150psi of alcohol or something like that" Also i came up with the idea of using spring loaded pistons full of fluid so there is no major pressurization needed, it also allows for quick reload

dafettman1919 (author)2010-08-17

how much did all this cost?

im not sure but a good estimate would be $100

DannytheGreat (author)2011-06-30

what part of the hose did you epoxy?

DannytheGreat (author)2011-06-30

why do use co2 to pressurize it instead of just putting in 150psi of alcohol or something like that

DannytheGreat (author)2011-06-28

badassery is going down once you make that exoskeleton

Kyrc00 (author)2011-06-19

It's a passable example although there are several design flaws preventing anything above mere "Ooo ooo ooo, look what I made" status in regards to this particular project. I assume you have improved upon the idea.

Kyrc00 (author)2011-06-19

How about sizes for everything you use. Might be useful.

Codynater (author)2011-02-08

Dear TitaniumAvenger,
I would love to make this but i dont really have the time. I aslo tried going to your website: WWW.AEGISAVENGER.COM, but it wouldnt take me there and i couldnt find it. Also, how much much did all this cost?? PLease get back as soon as possible nad if you could answer my Questions, please send an email to:
Cody Doke

AegisAvenger (author)Codynater2011-02-21

Hi there, the website and I are currently in a transition period!! (I just moved to Asia!!)

The new domain name is and the sister site is

I plan to re-vamp and create new inventory in the near future, but first I have to get settled!!

mettaurlover (author)2011-02-07

Where does one *get* a sprinkler valve? The hardware store I go to didn't seem to have them...

El Chucko Norris (author)2010-09-21

This is super ultra-sweetastic

lonewolfkliq (author)2010-05-18

This would be brutal for a Jango Fett costume.

Nicely done.

 Funny you say that! I'm currently building a Custom Boba Fett helm for a soldier over in the Middle East right now. He wants me to put his unit patch on it too, SO cool. =)

HOLY CRAP!!! That man has good taste in armor

Ugh, that is incredibly cool.

You pretty much rock!

mettaurlover (author)2010-07-03

I intend to make two of these and hook them up to air compressors on my back. That pretty much says "do NOT piss me off or you WILL be set on fire"

wilsonater (author)2010-05-11

 this is a really nice instructable, and the 3rd gen one in the picture looks amazing, like something off men in black. Also the video on step 6, am i right in thinking you have The Fall playing as the background music? Pretty cool man!

AegisAvenger (author)wilsonater2010-05-12

Well thanks! And yes, it is the Fall!!

I'm slowly stepping it up for a new version. Plus hopefully integrating (the water version) into a video for my exo-suit on my website.

I'll be sure to leave a link on here when that happens!

akinich (author)2010-04-17

nice instructables
i have a question
how do u ignite the liquid in the tank???

AegisAvenger (author)akinich2010-04-17


There is no air inside the tank.

The liquid is ignited 2.5 inches away from the nozzle, as the liquid is leaving it. I modified a scripto jet lighter for the pilot.

P.S. I used denatured alcohol. ANYTHING other than that WILL melt through plastic, or cause accidental ignition through fumes coming off the liquid. In short, you could die.

Be smart!

akinich (author)AegisAvenger2010-05-04

hey thanks for the reply
will petroleum work with this?

AegisAvenger (author)akinich2010-05-05

Definitely would not recommend it.

ghostrider2 (author)2010-04-06

i found an instructable for the HUD somebody was asking about down the page.  it utilizes a dissasembled webcam and a pair of video glasses.  seems like a good idea.

AegisAvenger (author)2010-01-01


AegisAvenger (author)2010-01-01

I was using denatured alcohol and C02 for my personal upgraded VLPD. Alcohol by itself will not combust that way, especially in such a small quantity. To take it further and be even safer on that matter, I decided to use C02 to pressurize the tank. No air, no fire!!

ghostrider2 (author)2009-12-18

do you have any plans to post the instructions on the armor?  im trying to design something similar, using pressure sensors to activate the motors in the joints, and i think my designs might help you.

ghostrider2 (author)2009-12-18

i have some ideas that could help with the armor mechanics.  message me if you need help.

coffinzm (author)2009-12-11

Would love to see a video!

EmperorZombie (author)2009-11-29

pardon my slack jawed amazement, but that is awesome!

Cycrolus (author)2009-09-17

Nice! I'd love to see this in action. U have a youtube vid?

AegisAvenger (author)Cycrolus2009-09-18

Hi Cycrolus, I do have a youtube vid! Unfortunately it's old and pretty low quality. I embedded it on STEP 6 in this instructable. I may build another version and do a clear video in the future, but not today!! Actually, the Gauntlet you see in this instructable is part of my exoskeleton I'm building now, so maybe I'll put up a video of that instead!

007dna (author)AegisAvenger2009-11-24

 AN EXOSKELETON????? Woah!! Even DARPA is having trouble with that!! Wow! Make sure you incorporate this:

Or watch it in action:

That is too cool....


b1tbang3r (author)2009-11-18

 That's pretty cool. I've recently had success in using modded CO2 tanks, normally used for paint ball. It usually isn't too hard to find connectors for them either. Kinda like the 12 gram I modded, it wasn't refillable until I found out that those 1/4 inch brass end caps with the hole predrilled in them fit perfectly around the nozzle *(hint, hint)*.................................

barf_malak (author)2009-11-16

question. do you preassureize the liquid tank? 

AegisAvenger (author)barf_malak2009-11-17

Yes, I do pressurize the liquid tank. The fill cap has a Schrader Valve on it (like on a bicycle tire) So I take off the fill cap, fill the container with liquid, screw the cap back on and then pressurize with a bike pump.

I'm unsure what type of "hacked" sprinkler valve you're thinking. If you mean with the blow gun release, I don't think that would work too well. The sprinkler valve works just fine for the pressure I'm using (40-60 psi) and because it's not hacked I can fire in bursts rather than empty the tank in one shot!

barf_malak (author)2009-11-16

would it (perhaps) be better to use a sprinkler valve "hacked" for use with pneumatic potato cannons and the like?

Tommyhzy (author)2009-11-09

 I'd love to try this out, but having a pressurized fuel tank right next to my arm makes me uncomfortable... 

Hey would I be able to replicate the effect with a simple watergun flamethrower attached to my arm?

AegisAvenger (author)Tommyhzy2009-11-09

I would be worried about the pressurized fuel tank too. But I was using Schedule 40 PVC pipe pressure rated at over 600 psi. Seeing as it was filled with liquid and I was only pressurizing to about 40 PSI anyway, I wasn't all that worried!

It's pretty dangerous to use a Watergun because the material it is made out of is really only made for water. When you use something else like a flammable chemical, it softens and eats through the plastic, so you could suddenly catch fire without warning, and it there's fumes inside, it could even explode. Be careful!!

Tommyhzy (author)AegisAvenger2009-11-10

Alright thanks, I'll keep that in mind  (:

007dna (author)2009-10-27

 Seems like it would be heavy....

Good job!


AegisAvenger (author)007dna2009-11-06

Thanks! It weighs about 5 pounds. Aluminum is really great stuff, sturdy enough but super light too!!

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