Step 11: Candle mount

Insert the two bolts upwards through the bottom of the aluminum bracket. Fasten them in place with bolts.

Thread on another bolts onto each. Twist this about 3/4" down.

Place the bottom of the candle holder (the side without the large hole) onto the bolts. Then place the top candle holder bracket.

Fasten the whole thing in place by threading on another nut onto each.
<p>The WD40 formula has changed, and will no longer work for this. You might be able to find aerosol hair spray.</p>
<p>Ether will work</p>
<p>won't be better to put a spark generator in the pumpkin rather than candle?</p>
<p>Hmmm - bringing tricks back to Halloween. I laughed my ass off the second I saw this one!! I agree it's a bit... extreme but what a cool idea!!</p>
<p>I made something very similar to this last halloween. I removed the pump mechanism from an electric weed sprayer, and secured it inside a jack o lantern. I also connected a gas tank of lighter fluid to the back of the pumpkin, and extended the battery pack by about ten feet and inside my house. I then placed an ordinary candle inside the jack o lantern, and sprayed flame by activating the pump from inside the house. Not exactly wireless, but you couldn't tell how it was powered.</p><p>The neat thing about this design was that the tank could be filled with any oother liquid such as water or fake blood. The effect was pretty cool.</p>
OMG your porch is made of wood though!
<p>Wood isn't as flammable as most people think.</p>
Thanks for inspiring me. And i try this!
This is great and I'm sure you'll use it safely but pleases remember that many Halloween costumes are very flammable and you will seriously injure someone if you<a href="http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2011/10/10/how-safe-is-your-childs-halloween-costume/" rel="nofollow"> light them on fire</a>.
easiest would be a wire and switch assuming you're smart enough not to want to fire this without being present and watching. also no stray signals could set it off.
easier idea is use 1 of those motion censored air freshners. but angle the tube down ward. an out the front over the candle. uill get the same result. w/o going thro the same programing stuff
to late making it hahahahah take that kids who trash my house i'l use a tripwire hahaah
With arduino and a distance sensor, this could make quite a security system! Don't try this at home or anywhere else though - the idea would make this even more dangerous than it already is!
Neat idea, for sure ... but Arduino is a bit overkill. All ya gotta do is power up the actuator. Even real fancy, use a 555 and the relay to limit the on time (to save baking the pumpkin).
This is a cool project. You may want to place a diode across the coil on the relay to protect the electronics. And depending on the relay a transistor may be needed to handle the current.
I'm rating most of your i'bles 5! Awesome stuff, affordable and compact.
awesome! i wish i had known about this far enough in advance of october 31st to construct it. seems a fairly simple idea just having a remote controllled aerosol can to spray over a flame. i would like to know if there is an easier and cheaper way to set up a remote control system for other projects, i do not have an arduino but surely i can make a transmitter/receiver from basic electronic components or rewiring a remote control car.
RC car would be my suggestion.
I'm working on my own creation for this halloween and i was wondering if you had problems with your candle getting blown out?
I don't think they actually made this, remember?
tooo awesome!
Sweet! Now all you need is a motion/proximity sensor...
a few simple things for a motion prox sensor is to get a cheap motion light from menards or lowes or some store like that and add a relay from 120vac down to what ever your control voltage is this will give you (in test mode) a 5-15 second trip on a 555 ic timer
Maybe next year...
lol... +1 for no warning :)
The problem being you then have to warn people not to get too close... have it inside a cage for example, so the flames won't reach the person
Not that I'm trying to make one of these or anything... But, if I were, theoretically, and the actuator was not, hypothetically, not strong enough to press the spray nozzle, how would I make it? Should more battery power do the trick? <br>
The motor I use is supposed to run of 12V. Hypothetically... A little more voltage / current, would not hurt.
Pretty cool, but the Arduino/XBee is overly complex/expensive. <br>A 1-channel RF remote like this would be much easier/cheaper/faster: <br>http://www.lightobject.com/Multi-function-1CH-RF-with-water-proof-remote-control-P702.aspx
this is probobly the most epic pumkin i have ever seen.... ever
i am geussing you don't get many trick or treaters huh
wow that be so funny to make it work at a angel above trick or tr eater and blow flames
LOL, this is awesome, what if someone passed by and the pumpkin starting throwing fire out of its mouth!! <br><br>Dude who is passing by: pit pat pit pat, walks up stairs to knocks on door*<br>Flame throwing Pumpkin: Starts breathing fire out* <br>Dude: AHHHHHH, jumps back and falls of patio*<br>Flame throwing pumpkin: MWHAHAHAHAHA
This is hilarious! You've got my vote.
Cool! I did the same thing with my articulated cardboard skeleton on the front door of my pad using a flex line to extend the natural gas from behind my kitchen range/oven to the peephole on the door - motion detector &gt; solenoid &gt; flex-line to nozzle from a fireplace ceramic log kit to concentrate/direct flame at peephole. Adjusting the gas flow at the source resulted in flame range from the answer to &quot;Got a light?&quot; all the way to the center line of the street in front of the house! There were 18 of those nozzles to share the gas feed in the fireplace kit I cannibalized the nozzle from so... chose halfway between front door and the sidewalk, and, being self contained with unlimited fuel supply, you can just turn it on, cross your fingers that the Gas Co delivers @ constant pressure and forget about it!
Awesome as always, Randofo. Keep em' coming
I WON'T ring your home for sure XD
wow........ not much else to say......
BUILTED XD<br><br><br>But i used servo and a 555 timer ic another remote and a lever to trigger <br>great project <br>
OWH MY GAWD!!!! THIS IS SO DAMN COOL! now i want like a DOZEN? hehehe!
Pretty impressive. Assuming that I don't make one of these, how long would the can of WD40 last? (How many 1-second bursts, say)
I would say about 100-200. I don't know exactly how large the can is though.
hey randofo, me again :) what is your video edit software? I just use iMovie but I have final cut pro (which I dont exactly know how to use...)
I'm sort of a barbarian in terms of video editing. I typically use Quicktime Pro and Photoshop.
insane jajaja
I got to get this made for Halloween.<br>This should keep the kids from grabbing my pumpkin and smashing it in the street !!
hey, you're right! I usually go on my roof with an airsoft sniper rifle (i shoot at their feet) with four other friends on gate night and play what we call &quot;tower defense&quot;. chase off pranksters without taking damage to property. I start at 8 PM and we go in shifts until 6 am. We even have snacks and refreshments in a box up there for the snipers. This is a secondary defense we will use
WOW awsome job!<br>

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