I love good figs, dessert, and fire. This dessert combines all three of them, turning figs and fire into pure deliciousness.

We live in the San Francisco bay area, and so have access to an overabundance of figs when the neighborhood trees ripen. I'm always looking for more good ways to eat or preserve figs to ensure we make the most of this short season.

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

smear of butter
12-20 ripe figs (not too squishy - we'll be baking them)
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or other orange liquor (or interesting liquor of your choice, 80proof or higher)

1 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon liquor (same type as above)
2 tablespoons sugar

8 inch fry pan, oven and stove safe (or similarly-sized pan)
electric mixer or beaters
rubber spatula (optional but handy)
Can you recommend an equivalent brand of liqueur that might give the same flavor and effect as what you recommend here. I thought I would try this but it is kind of expensive. I don't use a lot of liqueur.
Canida, Thanks for sharing this! I love figs! We had fresh figs this year and they were so good. I will share this with my sister. She was looking for recipes to use for them. I am still learning and trying to make a coco flambe but have not found a good video for it yet. Sunshiine
Thanks! Let me know how it goes. And I'd love to see your coco flambe recipe - anything on fire is going to be good.
The purple and green sure do make this dish beautiful! I had to come back and take another look. Purple and green are my favorite colors! Mine is not officially a coco flambe because I could not get the coco to light. But I did have an impressive flambe in a pan! It was quite the thrill! The first time I did it, it freaked me out! I did not know it was going to do that. Then I wanted my husband in the kitchen when I made the one I took pictures of and he said oh no! I told him to relax I had it under control I just wanted him to take the picture of light the fire. It was a fun moment in time. https://www.instructables.com/id/Hot-Chocolate-Flambe-of-sorts/ Sunshiine
Quite the fire show, these look good!
I posted one but I am looking for a good video to teach me how to make one in a cup. I will keep searching and experimenting until I figure it out. Your little dish here is so beautiful with the colors and all. At first glance they looked like red onions. I can't wait to try it. Thanks again! Sunshiine

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