Picture of Flaming Cauldron Fire pit
Dolphins, for all their vaunted intelligence, have never harnessed the power of fire.  ~Prof Petit Pauva

     Dolphins may not have harnessed fire but we have and here is my example of the domestication of fire.  Like most people I enjoy a good fire pit on a chilly night.  What I don't like is a face full of smoke, flying embers, jackets that smell like smoke, and most of all, that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can't get the fire started and you know you will be shunned by your tribe and not allowed to mate.

     To avoid all these things I decided to make a fire pit that used gas for fuel.  There are many examples of these out there that people have made, some permanant and others portable.  What I have noticed over the years is some of them just look nice but produce no heat while others actually work to keep you warm.  I wanted one that looked nice and kept me warm.  Too much to ask?  I think not.

     After seeing two examples of gas fire pits at burning man last year I figured I knew enough to build the pit I wanted so it was time to get started.

NOTE:  Fire is dangerous and so is propane.  Be careful and follow safety instructions or your life will suck big time.  These are meant to give you ideas on building your own and do not contain all of the information you need. 
playafamily4 months ago

sweet I'm gonna have to try this!!!!