Introduction: Flaming K'nex Spinner (Of Death!)

This is a neat idea I had, where you light candle at both ends then spin it lightly so that as the candles melt separately they try to balance by spinning.

Made out of k'nex!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

You need;
Tin foil,
a tall candle,
a lighter,
a long, thin, straight nail,
a knife,
a cutting board,

4 gray k'nex pieces
2 Red quarters,
32 purple quarter-spheres,
4 half-moons,
16 half-sphere,
2 circles,

6 short green rods,
45 short white rods,
30 blue rods,
4 yellow rods,
12 orange rods (with the little separation at each end, though normal red rods would work).

Step 2: Sides

Build two of these, the photos should be clear enough.

Step 3: Connect

Once you've built both sides, add these nine rods onto one then connect them together like so.

Step 4: Tin Foil

Spread some tin foil on the base so that when the wax drips it won't get all over your floor/table!

Step 5: Prepare the Candle

If the wick is not exposed on both sides of the candle, cut off one end and sharpen it so that the wick is usable.

Then, put a nail through the middle. Be careful that it is straight and try not to break the candle.

Step 6: Light!

Light one end whilst holding the other, then light the other end.
You may have to hold it flat for a while so they really get burning...
After about sixty seconds, spin lightly


LvNo1000 (author)2013-05-10

What is its use?

Bartboy (author)LvNo10002013-05-20

You light the ends on fire, and it starts to move on its own. It's cool.

LvNo1000 (author)Bartboy2013-05-20

It moves on it's own when it's lit? I'll have to try that sometime; that sounds awesome.

Bartboy (author)LvNo10002013-06-22

Yeah. Look around on youtube, you really want it to be as light as possible with minimal friction. If you watch the attached video "Spinner.mp4" you'll see what it does :)

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-10-01

Looks deadly.

mikeasaurus (author)2011-11-06

Did you stay up all night thinking and working on this idea? That would make this project complete.

Bartboy (author)mikeasaurus2011-11-06

Just a few hours of trial and error ;)
if you look in the pictures of it inside on a tray, you can see we replaced the bent nail with a smoother, straighter one.

mikeasaurus (author)Bartboy2011-11-06

Fun project; most of my projects are trail and error, too!
(btw, my original comment was a joke on "burning a candle at both ends")

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