Step 5: Prepare the Candle

If the wick is not exposed on both sides of the candle, cut off one end and sharpen it so that the wick is usable.

Then, put a nail through the middle. Be careful that it is straight and try not to break the candle.
What is its use?
You light the ends on fire, and it starts to move on its own. It's cool.
It moves on it's own when it's lit? I'll have to try that sometime; that sounds awesome.
Yeah. Look around on youtube, you really want it to be as light as possible with minimal friction. If you watch the attached video "Spinner.mp4" you'll see what it does :)
Looks deadly.
Did you stay up all night thinking and working on this idea? That would make this project complete.
Just a few hours of trial and error ;) <br>if you look in the pictures of it inside on a tray, you can see we replaced the bent nail with a smoother, straighter one.
Fun project; most of my projects are trail and error, too!<br />(btw, my original comment was a joke on "burning a candle at both ends")

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