Picture of Flannel baby blanket with satin binding
This Instructable is for an easy basic baby blanket. It has two layers of flannel and a satin binding. It is very baby-friendly in that it can be machine washed and does not need any other special care. The blanket only takes about an hour or so to make.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
-two 1-yard pieces of flannel
-one package satin blanket binding (at least 140 inches long, I use Wrights)
-a sewing machine and knowledge of how to use it
-something to mark your fabric like tailors chalk
-sewing pins

Step 2: Wash your fabric

Pre-wash your flannel. This is important because the blanket will be washed a lot and you don't want it to shrink. I usually wash the flannel in warm to hot water and dry it on high heat for maximum pre-shrinkage. Iron your fabric to get any wrinkles out.

Step 3: Measure your fabric

Picture of Measure your fabric
Put the two pieces of flannel together with the wrong sides together and mark the largest square you can on the top piece, which should be about 32-34 inches to a side. Make sure that the pieces fully overlap within the square. You can use the selvedge for one of your edges. I generally measure by laying them out on a large cardboard grid that you can get at most fabric stores. Mark each of the edges of the square with tailors chalk or other fabric marker. The mark doesn't have to come out because it will be covered by the binding in the end.

Once you have your marks, pin the pieces together near the marks so that your fabric doesn't slip when you are sewing.

Some people put little yarn ties through both layers at measured intervals or use another quilting technique so that the fabric doesn't slip against itself when it is a blanket. If you want this, then now is the time. In my experience, these blankets are small enough and flannel sticks to itself well enough that you don't really need it for practical reasons.
barrowea made it!3 months ago

Made mine with flannel and "minky" cuddle material on the other side. I love this blanket.

baby blanket.jpg

Would I be able to use fleece on one side and flannel on the other. I want to make a lap blanket for my husband. I have a little over two yards of a hard to find fleece pattern. I wanted something a little involved than a tie blanket. I am learning to sew and your clear instructions make me confident.

yeastyvodka5 months ago

Thanks for your lovely, clear instructions! I made this blanket for my soon-to-arrive nephew Teddy.

hlandherr made it!5 months ago

This was so helpful! Thank you! Do you make your own silk binding or do you just buy it pre-made? I'm looking to sell blankets and am trying to figure out pricing and what is most cost/time effective. Thank you again :)

pamela.schanks made it!8 months ago

Loved this tutorial. Expecting my second grandson in September and wanted to make him his own special blanket. I'm not sure if you can see it, but I cross stitched his name just in small letters to make it personal before I sewed it together. Very happy with the whole outcome.

baby blanket.jpg

Could I do this with flannel one one side, and micro fleece on the other?

lauribear1 year ago
I just have to say this is THE BEST blanket tutorial ever! Thank you so much for sharing. I have followed your instructions to make several of these blankets for family and friends and they come out perfect every time. Great tutorial!
line191 (author)  lauribear10 months ago

Thanks so much! I am so glad it worked out well for you :) Happy sewing!

jmewald3 years ago
Okay, I have made a few fleece blankets, and also a couple of flannel blankets now. I'm a beginning sewer. I get my pre-made satin binding from Walmart. I consistently have trouble with wavy, uneven sewing lines. I lay the blanket flat, put the binding on it, and I pin it down. The front/back appear to be "straight". Then when I start sewing the front, it is a nice even line along the binding, and I flip the blanket over and EVERY time it is wavy and it goes from being right along the edge to as much as 1/2 inch into the binding. I can't see what's going on on the back side while I sew... and it NEVER turns out straight. What am I doing wrong??

Honestly, use Wright's. It's the only brand that I use now for satin blanket binding. I have tried several other, cheaper brands and exactly the same thing happens to me. It slips around, it's not cut evenly so I can't line it up with the border on my blanket properly, the short side and the long side aren't consistent. It's not you that's making it wavy. It's the cheap satin that's not cut properly.

line191 (author)  jmewald3 years ago
Hmmm, I am not sure, but satin is a very slippery material to work with. The satin binding you are using has a crease it in right? I have only tried the Wrights Single Fold Satin Blanket Binding, so one thought is that it could be that the brand you are using is slightly different than the one that I have used. One thing that I always do is adjust the pins as I sew, so every 6-12 inches, I check the un-sewn binding and readjust as necessary. Another thing to check, if it is just the back side that is wonky, is that your feed dogs (those moving metal teeth-looking things under your fabric on your sewing machine) are working properly. If they are not in the 'up' position, or if they are not moving, then the bottom fabric may not be moving at the same speed at the top of your fabric and you can get funky slippage. And finally, try to play with distance between the satin crease and the edge of the blanket. It could be that you either have too wide of a gap, or not enough gap. Just make sure that the edge of the flannel is not bent over at all under the satin. Let me know if none of that works and I can thing of other things to try.
beachyme3 years ago
Thank you so much. I'll do better on the "next" one.
beachyme3 years ago
It says "attach the binding to the blanket" and "one side of the blanket at a time".
Then it says "when you sew the satin on to the binding". Isn't the satin THE binding? Does this just mean from the corner of the folded satin binding to the edge of the binding and continue on around? I know, I'm a first time grandmama and new to sewing.
line191 (author)  beachyme3 years ago
Actually, that's just a typo!, it should be "when you sew the binding on to the blanket" Thanks for catching that, I will fix it now. Also, just to be clear, when I say 'one side of the blanket at a time', I mean one of the four side edges at a time. I realize that 'side' could be taken to mean top or bottom. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope this works for you!
michmash5 years ago
I am having a problem with my zig zag stitch catching the underside satin binding on the edge like the top side.  Any helpful ideas for me??
line191 (author)  michmash4 years ago
I have a couple of things you might try:
1-Make sure that the shorter side of the binding is facing up. All of the satin binding I have seen has one side that is shorter. Check to make sure that is the case
2-I try to just barely catch the satin edge on the top side. The satin has a little ridge at the end, and I try to put my top zig-zag so that it just catches all of the ridge
3-Try not lining up the fold of the satin completely with the edge of the flannel, leave a little gap. That way the satin is more likely to lie on the fold and retain a shorter and longer side.
4-If all else fails, just put your zig-zag so that you aren't catching the edge at all. You can either try to catch just one of the sides over the edge, or sew a good 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from the edge. It creates a different effect, but looks just as polished.
teragram5 years ago
Thanks for your help.  I've been fooling with this for awhile.  I had already cut my binding, so I'll just forge ahead.  But I like this.  Maybe I can sew the binding back together and then do your idea.  Thanks again.
line191 (author)  teragram5 years ago
Good luck! I had to try a few different methods before I came across this one somewhere online and it works great for me.