Step 6: Prepare binding

Picture of Prepare binding
Blanket binding is a wide strip of satin folded in half. One side of the fold is slightly shorter than the other. Before you use it, you want to iron out the wrinkles. Put your iron on the satin setting and, keeping it folded, iron both sides of the satin.

Then prepare the beginning of the satin. With the folded side away from you and the shorter side up, the beginning end is the one on your left. Take this end, open it up. If the edge isn't even, cut it and gently burn the edges with a flame to keep them from fraying. If you burn too much you will scorch it and it will become all wrinkled. Re-cut and start over if this happens. Then fold the ends to the middle fold so you are left with a point -- like the first steps of making a paper airplane. Close the satin and adjust so that the folds line up on top of each other. Iron.