This instructable will teach you how to make a flapping crane. I know there is already an instructable on a flapping crane, but this is a different type and in my opinion, has a better "flapping" motion. Impress your friends by making these with bits of scrap paper!

All that you will need is a piece of paper and scissors if your paper is not square. Please note that I used card stock paper for this project and that the flapping motion will be smoother with regular paper.

Step 1: Cut Your Paper to Size

If the paper you are already using is not square, fold one edge diagonally so it meets the other edge to form a triangle. Cut off the excess paper.
Love it!
well im goin to apptemt it see how it goes <br>
first time I've ever managed to make one :D thanks!!!
wings dont flap =l<br>
Try to make sure you made all the folds correctly. And perhaps make sure you're holding/pulling correctly.
oh HA I got it!!!! I was pulling on the head thinking it was the tail!!!!!! I'm so dumb some times! thanks!now to make a good one
I made it.....but now to make it flap.........
this is confusing...
dude aweson!!!!!
this is really cool!!
Congratulations for a pretty nice origami instructable. It certainly is different from the other kind of flapping crane i know, and with a much more fluid movement.

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