Picture of Flapping Origami Crane
This instructable will teach you how to make a flapping crane. I know there is already an instructable on a flapping crane, but this is a different type and in my opinion, has a better "flapping" motion. Impress your friends by making these with bits of scrap paper!

All that you will need is a piece of paper and scissors if your paper is not square. Please note that I used card stock paper for this project and that the flapping motion will be smoother with regular paper.

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Step 1: Cut your paper to size

Picture of Cut your paper to size
If the paper you are already using is not square, fold one edge diagonally so it meets the other edge to form a triangle. Cut off the excess paper.

Step 2: Make Triangles

Picture of Make Triangles
Fold the triangle in half to get a smaller triangle shape

Step 3: Make Squares

Picture of Make Squares
Next, take one of the triangles and open the layers to make a square. Squash the paper down and be sure to make the corners line up nicely. Repeat on other side.

Step 4: Make More Triangles!

Picture of Make More Triangles!
Now you need to make creases for a future fold. take the corner of one square and line the side's edge up with the middle fold line. Repeat on the other half and other side of the square. Next, fold up the wide triangle on top over to make a crease. Last, unfold all the folds in this step to prepare for the next folds.

Step 5: The Tricky Bit

Picture of The Tricky Bit
This fold is a little hard to explain and understand. Take the bottom corner of the open ends and use the crease of the wide top triangle to completely fold this corner so it is the "highest". At the same time, use the long folds to fold the outside corners towards the middle. Repeat this on the other side.
fraggernade2 years ago
Love it!
OMJ3 years ago
well im goin to apptemt it see how it goes
AlisonR3 years ago
first time I've ever managed to make one :D thanks!!!
Okeechobee4 years ago
wings dont flap =l
Lathien (author)  Okeechobee4 years ago
Try to make sure you made all the folds correctly. And perhaps make sure you're holding/pulling correctly.
oh HA I got it!!!! I was pulling on the head thinking it was the tail!!!!!! I'm so dumb some times! thanks!now to make a good one
I made it.....but now to make it flap.........
this is confusing...
rocko82104 years ago
dude aweson!!!!!
wolf_787 years ago
this is really cool!!
endarthur7 years ago
Congratulations for a pretty nice origami instructable. It certainly is different from the other kind of flapping crane i know, and with a much more fluid movement.