Introduction: Flapping Paper Plane (Print Version)

Picture of Flapping Paper Plane (Print Version)

The instructables shows how to fold a easy version of flapping paper plane with a printed template.

You may find the original version and the long story here:

Step 1: Print the Template

Picture of Print the Template

If you have a color printer, you may print the cyan version. Remember do not shrink the size. Do not use 80 gsm paper, 100 gsm or 120 gsm paper are much better.

Step 2: Fold Lines 1a & 1b

Picture of Fold Lines 1a & 1b

Step 3: Flip

Picture of Flip

Step 4: Fold Lines 2a & 2b

Picture of Fold Lines 2a & 2b

Step 5: Fold Lines 3a & 3b

Picture of Fold Lines 3a & 3b

Step 6: Flip Again

Picture of Flip Again

Step 7: Fold Line 4

Picture of Fold Line 4

Step 8: Fold Lines 5a & 5b

Picture of Fold Lines 5a & 5b

Step 9: Fold Line 6

Picture of Fold Line 6

Step 10: Flip Again

Picture of Flip Again

Step 11: Fold Line 7

Picture of Fold Line 7

Step 12: Fold Line 8

Picture of Fold Line 8

Step 13: Fold Line 9

Picture of Fold Line 9

Step 14: Fold Lines 10a & 10b

Picture of Fold Lines 10a & 10b

Step 15: Play It!

Picture of Play It!

  1. Use 2 fingers hold the paper plane body thickest part
  2. Check the wings in v-shape and at the same angle
  3. Throw it out
  4. Enjoy!


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