Picture of Flare-Up Pumpkin
How to make a pumpkin that flares up with a strobe light goes off when people walk by.

This year for Halloween I wanted something flashier, so I decided to create a pumpkin that would react to people walking near it. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with this, The Flare-Up Pumpkin.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Here follows a list of what you will need to create the pumpkin.

- 1 Pumpkin
- 1 Tea Light
- 1 Arduino
- 1 Strobe Light
- 2 5V Relays & Sockets
- 1 Solenoid
- 1 BBQ Lighter
- 2 Photosensors (Non-IR)
- 2 Resistors to Match the Photosensors(Same Value in Used Light Level)
- Male Headers
- Heat Shrink Tubing
- Wire
- Solder
- Hot Glue
- 24V adapter (for the solenoid, it may be different for yours)
- 9V adapter (for the Arduino)

- Soldering Iron
- Hot Glue Gun
- Wire Cutter/Stripper
- Steak Knife
- Hobby Knife (X-acto Knife)
- Drill Bits

Step 2: Program the Microcontroller

Picture of Program the Microcontroller
To load the attached code onto the Arduino, open the file "Flare_Up_Pumpkin.pde" in the Arduino environment and follow the standard procedure to load it onto the Arduino (it varies from version to version of the hardware).

If you are doing this I am assuming you already know how to program an arduino. If not there are some good tutorials here.
hornycrow5 years ago
like the vg cats carving
J_Hodgie (author)  fungus amungus6 years ago
Working on it, should be up before the end of the day.