Flash Drei





Introduction: Flash Drei

This is yet another XCM move called Flash Drei.

Step 1: Starting Out

start out in the sybil grip see here for detail Sybil gripFirst, the grip is just like the sybil grip.

Step 2: Other Hand

Now this is a very strange grip. you need to spread index and ring finger apart as wide as the deck. then bend middle finger down at second knuckle. put around deck. have fingers around 1 packet of cards with 1'st digit of index and ring finger past the packet.

Step 3: Lift

Lift up packet with hand and one more packet with thumb.

Step 4: Twist Up

With hand lift up packet so it is on the top of your hand. Then twist up rest of packets.

Step 5: Close

Close by putting middle packet onto lower packet and then top packet onto it.

Step 6: Experiment

Now you know the basics so make something up. You can do many different cuts from this position.



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