Introduction: Flash Drive Holder/Protector

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Just a little container to protect your flash drive, if you have the scrap lying around then it should only take a few seconds, if you don't then at max 6 dollars

Step 1: Materials

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You'll need:
-Tape (optional, for appearance)
-PVC or similar pipe (diameter and length dependent on your flash drive)
-One cotton ball
-Caps (may be PVC or not, as long as they fit)

-Hacksaw (to cut the pipe to length)

Step 2: Make It!

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Very simple; find out how wide your flash drive is (luckily mine was oh so close to 3/4 inches), and then select pipe that suits your needs. You can make it from any type of pipe that you want to, I just chose PVC since it was easy (to work with), cheap, and I had some laying around. Anyway, once you get your pipe then cut it a little longer than your flash drive and pick out two caps (or something similar to seal the ends with) that will fit the pipe segment.
Finally, stick a little of the cotton on the ends of the pipe (with the flash drive in it) so that they will cushion any shock.
Of course, you can paint it or tape it or pretty it up any way you want


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