I'm going to show you, how to make a Jay Garrick Flash Lego figure USB flash drive. I had the idea a long time back, it stems from me seeing the official lego usb figure and thinking, that it kind of looks like him. Sadly lego seems to have taken it out of their range of products (but you still get it in some stores). That's why I'm going to show you how to make it from scratch.

I made an Instructable before about how to fit a flash drive into a lego figure, but struggled like everybody else with fitting the cap into the legs. The trick is to use an even smaller adapter for MicroSD card and after seeing this awesome lego figure, I had to turn my vision into reality.

Step 1: What You Need

Stuff you need to make the flash drive:

    • strong glue
    • plastic glue
    • small flat file
    • box cutter
    • MicroSD Mini USB Card Reader (e.g. on ebay)
    • MicroSD card
    • optional: modeling clay (I used green stuff, you will need it for modeling the wings any way), red paint,
      black permanent marker
    • 2.8 mm drill
    • blue lego pants, red lego torso
    • Lego Minifigure 2GB USB Flash Drive (e.g. on Toys"R"us)

What you need to turn the figure into Jay Garrick

    • decals (from a craft store or for example here)
    • Helmet: either lego Knight Helmet with broad brim or BrickArms custom brodie helmet (e.g. here)
    • printer
    • acrylic sealant spray (e.g. on amazon.com)
    • modeling clay (I used green stuff)
    • gold paint
    • a cotton swab
    • cool looking head
    • strong glue
Can I have the extra one it looks really cool and I think it can come in handy with some projects?
So you just open the micro sd card and glue it to the bottom?
I'm happy to see my minifig inspiring this very cool project :)
Hi, I'm glad to see you here, your stuff is amazing! It would be awesome if you could post explanations on how you do your modifications.
Nice work Britt!
Thank you, I wanted to wait for a "pun contest", but couldn't hold it back any longer. Any chance, that one is coming soon (I've got an other idea)?
Hello again! Looking through new stuff from who I follow, I saw this, and then saw Citadel products in this! I have to ask again, do you paint citadel figures, or just use Citadel products?
Hi, I have painted them years ago, but lost the interest (I prefer to paint on canvas or build stuff myself). I've gotten the paints to compare them to other paint, that I already had. So far I really like them.
Ah, fair enough. I am currently saving up for a new nerf project (I need to, I'm 12)(Admittedly a very well spoken 12 year old) Where I'm going to attach a modded Maverick by the cocking mechanism (With your mod, the penny mod, and the spring mod) to the bottom of a longshot, so you push the maverick forwards then back to fire. However, in the meantime I think i'll make the lego man flash drive. Maybe with a Star Wars clone, I don't really know yet.
This is my keyring, as you can see it already has a lego man although he is a little worse for wear, I got him free with my lego mindstorm set about 3 years ago and he used to be gold, also his arms fell off. If you sent him a friend it might cheer him up, I will probably make this instructable anyway as I like puns (a good pun is its own re-word) but it would be cooler if someone else had made it.
This is awesome! I love the old school flash minifig, it looks great and makes an excellent flash drive!

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