Picture of Flash Grenade!
i've come up with a project that i've been contemplating for a long time. It's a flash grenade made from a disposable camera circuit and a part of a pringles can.

You need:
-one safety switch, toggle or otherwise, with on/off (for convinience)
-a pringles can (can be one of the snack size or larger type, i cut down a larger type one)
-a camera flash circuit
-various bits of wire, in total not even a foot, but it's good to have extra.
-a motion/impact switch (i jerry rigged one up out of a grommet, a wire nail, and a bit of wire and solder)
-AA battery holder case thing

soldering iron or pencil
knife or scissors
pliers (or your hands, doesn't really matter)
duct tape

Step 1: Remove circuit, attach safety

Picture of remove circuit, attach safety
rst extract the circuit and short the capacitor by touching the two wires with a screwdriver or a bit of wire. remove the battery and short it again to be sure. This is a relatively simple process, as all it requires is the addition of a safety switch and the motion/impact switch.
Once you have your circuit discharged, you can begin work.
First switch is the safety switch.

Take your toggle switch and one end of the battery holder, preferrably the forked end (+ end) and solder one contact of the switch onto it by a bit of wire. then, attach the other contact to your battery ( i don't know how smart or dumb this was, as i soldered it in place.) The battery didn't do anything to me, it didn't explode, but in hindsight, i assume this was an unsafe decision. Attach the battery to the wire with elecrical tape or solder a proper battery holder to the original contacts. This creates a safety switch which allows you to cut off power to the grenade so it doesn't accidentally charge and go off, as these circuits are finnicky.
Now take your knife and cut out a hole in the side of your container to fit the switch out the side.
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lxavier211 months ago
Please can you get this thank you
lxavier211 months ago
Hi abbabibble2 I'm doing a wide game and to distract them to get to the flag. it's basically huge capture the flag in the woods is there anyway I can make it timed
Quin51 year ago

I'm looking to purchase a lazertag system to start a lazertag business,
would you be able to produce or lead me to the guns and equipment I need
that would be safe and certifiable, that would be a cheaper option than
the $600/gun price range that I've seen advertised by the lazertag
manufacturers? email if so at ulrichinvesting@gmail.com

Green X1 year ago


You could turn the thing into a real flash grenade by filling the can with flash powder afterwords. Youd only have to be sure that the aluminum in the flash powder dosent short circuit the capacitor because that would be very very bad... (Note: noone should try this I was kinda just kidding)
it works. the third time i used it the wrap it came off and it turned into a gernade. it blew up and shrapnel went every where. worse yet the cops came and got mad cuz they said i wuz makin gernades which i wuznt really( sorta kinda.........yes)
For Christ Sakes
check spelling.jpg
Sorry to point this out but, "For christ sakes" is not exactlya shining example of proper spelling/grammar either.
thats pretty ironic
Yes, it is! :D
well, sorry to point this out :P but
Damn, My "Post Images" Are broken
Sorry to point this out;
So youd want a little can full of flashpowder a circit board a short circited capacitor
and various metal fragments going off 2 feet from you? I recomend a flack vest
and a lexan swat riotshild. the whole idea of a flash bang is to incapasitate
you not kill you. DO NOT TRY THIS!
good idea. just put cling wrap ( damn stuff, keeps sticking together when u dont want it 2) aroind it. :)
if you electric taped up all wires and housed the capasitator in a waterproof case eg: a camers pot? it would be safe to keep near flash powder but yea if any shorts ocured it would blast your arm of whitch would not be funy
contact smokebombs would be nice... i have an idea for them, but i dont know if it would work.... try this http.. my idea is posted there

Yah please make a video
Aron3133 years ago
Make a video! I want to see what it does before i go through the trouble of making it.
sanagol3 years ago
look at mine but its made out of a flatend toilet paper role
revolver 042.jpg
mdgnys6 years ago
I want to make an infra-red flash grenade for lazer tag that will copy your gun signal and send it out all over
 I was thinking about bringing a prism to laser tag.... just sitting it on the ground and shooting it.
Soundl like a great idea or put gum on a metal reflector and stick it to the ceiling haha!
put an extremely elaborate series of mirrors everywhere so that you can snipe the guy shooting from the other little balcony by shooting at just the right angle. 
Or put an elaborate series of mirrors, then one dude runs out, baits in another person, and then you go ahead and shoot at the mirrors and it richochets everywhere and kills him!
 you just figure out how to sneak in tons of mirror paint (if that even exists) and paint everything. then just shoot somewhere and it'll hit him.
I like where this is going.
Use Aluminium foil, its removable......
it does exist. I actually looked it up for something completely unrelated and now I'm back here looking at this.
Crome spray paint!
or use a learning ir remote and program it and hold the button down and run around pointing at everyone
thats a really good idea if you make it post an instructable and tell me
Good luck with that, they'll probably ban you from laser tag though.
It would be really cool though and it was just an idea.
dudemanclc4 years ago
My friend made a sound grenade out of a window alarm. its made it get your attention so its a great distraction device for airsoft.
account3r24 years ago
haha i got an idea you could use a timer of some sort then a switch then a couple of flash circuits so you could push the button then throw it.
Articas5 years ago
You could ad some sort of reflector (like a big one not the piddly little one from thr camera) around the bulb and mount it in a pipe to make a flash stick type thing. Sorta like the mind wiper thing from men in black
I love the idea but I dont understand some of your instruction could you be more clear like diagram wise point you arrows please
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