Step 2: Mix

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Always mix chemicals by their weight. The ratio for the flash powder formula is:

Aluminum powder 30%
Potassium perchlorate 70%

Before you start measuring out the chemicals, it is good practice to neutralize your environment by spraying some anti-static spray around where you will be working. It can be made easily by mixing 1 part fabric softener to 9 parts water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Using the ratio, measure out how much aluminum powder you will use and put it in a plastic ziplock bag (spray the bag with anti-static also) Then measure out how much potassium perchlorate you will use and put it in the bag. Seal the bag and gently shake it around until the chemicals are evenly mixed.

Once the flash powder is mixed do not seal it in any form of container, this will lessen the risk of an accidental explosion.
Do not store the flash powder only make what you are going to use.
bigcheeze7 years ago
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late reaction but to make aluminum powder u just blend up tin foil until it is extremly fine and then to make potassium perchlorate pretty much in short mix matches with boiling water put through coffee filter mix with some boiled down hydrogen peroxide and small amount of ammonia based cleaner........ (that was the short version) look it up on youtube it is pretty easy
chemguy5 years ago
Sort of ironic that anti-static spray has "flammable" warnings on it...
Turnip1236 years ago
I am a professional Pyrochemist, and have dealt with a good amount of flash powder.

If you are going to actually post this instructable, I beseech you to PLEASE, inform the readers of how it should be mixed. That being the diaper method, all other methods run a high chance of static charge being created and detonating the powder.

A safer way to mix is to lay out a sheet of newspaper, dump your chemicals in the center and alternatingly lift corners until your mix is even. It's time consuming and tedious, but you won't lose any fingers.
you can also use a glass bowl and a wooden spoon.
i live in a sub-urban area wear fire works are illeigal.whear do i get pottasium perchlorate?????????????
EvanF8 years ago
So am I supposed to spray the inside of the plastic bag with the anti-static spray or just the outside?