Step 3: Use

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Place a small amount of flash powder on the ground outside. Make sure the area is clear of any thing that can catch on fire, or any loose objects.
Insert a 10 in. long fuse into the pile. (Instructions for fuse here http://www.instructables.com/id/E9ZBOE35P9EPA8KZXX/ )
Light and stand back. When the fuse ignites the flash powder a bright flash and pfft sound will be given off.
A large cloud of smoke will also be produced.

I know its hypocritical for me to say this but: Please be satisfied with that and do not make fireworks.

I have the experience to do these things safely, no matter how dangerous I make it seem in videos or photos. I know exact burning rates of all the fuse I use, proper amount's of powder to use, and proper containers to use, etc. So please don't try to make fireworks unless you know what you are doing.
SherpaDoug2 years ago
Is this the sort of flash powder that would have been used by 1900's era photographers? I am looking for max flash with minimal bang, smoke, etc.
macneal5 years ago
 there is a much safer way to make flash powder and cheaper way. mixing rust from nails or old things and and tin foil thats bun blend up
 ummm thats not flash powder thats thermite
dont go on the anarchest cook book it will get you killed
Joe777 years ago
hey guys, im almost 15, and i really want to learn about this stuff. Im no idiot. I don't just wanna blow things up. I want to understand how all of this works. Do you have any good sites or books i could read. Im going to pick up the radioactive boyscout. p.s. is it possible to take the chloride out of salt, because sodium is highly explosive right? i dont wann know how, i just wanna know if its possible with everyday tools.
Flash powder is VERY dangerous. Very. You can get black powder at any gun store, and ti is much less dangerous than making flash. NOTHING to do with pyrotechnics is "safe", there are just degrees of danger. You can make *great* fireworks with black powder. Flash, depending on the oxidizer, just gets more and more dangerous. Sadly, one of the less dangerous oxidizers are the hardest to get (unless you know what you're doing). For example, Potassium Permanganate is easier to get than Potassium Perchlorate, but the Perchlorate is a much less dangerous compound (when mixed with Alum powder), because it isn't as sensitive to static or water as the Permanganate is.

My suggestion is this, find a local pyrotechnic club in your area, and attend a meeting. Find someone willing to mentor you. Learn the basics, learn the chemistry. When you do this, you exponentially increase the safety factor and you have more fun. Half the fun of pyrotechnics is the chemistry. Learning what burns, why, how simple chemicals together can become dangerous or useful.

Making stuff that goes "boom" is great. But the real fun is in making more complex stars and gerbs and the like. A good way to start is, get a book from Amazon on making fireworks. Professional's Guide To Pyrotechnics: Understanding And Making Exploding Fireworks is a good one, but only after you've gotten one on the basics of pyrotechnics.

Find a club in your area, attend a meeting. There you will find a wealth of information, people who can mentor you, and places to obtain the chemicals to start a lifelong hobby.
"Juderunner is %100 correct!! When it comes to pyrotechnics. I learned from the best. All I will say is that he is known by all literally. Skylighter.ccom all of those places. Anyway. I have alway's loved pyrotechnics. And This friend taught me oh well safety first. And then all different kinds of oxidizers. And when some are better to use than others. And as Juderunner say's there really is just so much more to it. Especially when you know. How your creation is actually working and why! And how to tweak it to make it do exactly whatever it is you wish to acomplish. If you just want to have loud reports m-80s etc.. Well you should learn from someone who knows! If you can't then read and read all you can! And you should try to go to a pyrotechnics meeting and learn all you can.The gentleman I learned from. Was taught by a german chemist. And for 35 years. This friend was a chemist for dupont and the likes. Listen to all you younger guy's If you are not going to listen to anyone or anything? Do one thing. If you get the correct chems to make flash. You can increase you safety by %75-%80 if you wear safety goggles. And never ever mix more than 5-7 grams at one time. Also You can increase your safety way more. If you get some forceps. And when shaking your small mix. If you hold it just 10 or more inches away from you. If somthing was to set it off. Just that 10 inches+ can make a big big! difference. I just found this site. Sorry for the long history book reply. I'll be back and forth.
u don't want to mess with pure sodium.
technically, yes but you would have to superheat it. and like all of them said, it is highly reactive, has to be stored in oil, and chlorine is some nasty stuff, really really nasty stuff
BOXHARD Joe777 years ago
Joe, you going about this the right way, learn the chemistry behind it first. It makes it much more fun, and much more rewarding. As for the chloride, well chloride is not so hot, but chlorates are. In fact many munitions and similar, until recently, were packed with potassium chlorate or sodium chlorate. From a safety perspective, potassium chlorate is much safer ( although still very dangerous) to produce than it's sodium cousin. I would say it were better off I not explain the process to you, but really it's only a google search away. So here are the principles... Basically, in a non lab setting, the quickest way to arrive at potassium chlorate is by decomposing bleach ( Sodium hyperchlorite) with the introduction of an ion capable of replacing the sodium. You end up with a soluble salt and a potassium chlorate crystal... Does that make any sense to you? How much chemistry have you had in school? Here is the reaction... 3NaOCl + (decomposition - don't ask) ---> NaClO3 + 2NaCl So, with the introduction of Potassium Chloride... NaClO3 + (decomposition) + KCl ---> KClO3 + NaCl KCl03 is your Potassium Chlorate Hope that helps... You should try Google'g "chemistry of explosives" you should get some good results explaining the chemical reaction that is an explosion. And by the way, I started doing pryo when I was 15 with a Chemist... and now It's part of my career, so I hope the best of luck for you... but please stay away from Chlorates and such, you can learn all you need to know for now by playing with less powerful reactions such as simple black powder, smoke bombs etc... The danger of high explosives really do out weigh the cool factor. Learn the science behind it, learn to respect it, and then proceed into it with caution... GOOD LUCK!
other than the fact that I think your missing a Cl- ion in the first balanced equation good advise
Skylighter.com is the site I use and it's really good.
I agree with mazecka.14
The antichrist fellow is out of luck when he dies.
lucasoil6 years ago
hi if you want to make your flash powder more reactive mix it like this 5/3/2 5 parts of potassium nitrate 3 parts of sulphur and 2 parts of aluminum
imthereal6 years ago
i've been looking for a decent way to have a smoke bomb made from a fllm canister with something in it. i like the smoke this flash powder makes, its fast, but is it safe enough to put in a closed container?
mmmm. Better living through chemistry. Nice job, Tetranitrate.
Tetranitrate (author)  burningsuntech7 years ago
I have been detained and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Better living, you tell me?
no comment
solideye1237 years ago
all though you can make your own fuses you can buy visco fuses online or at firework stores
comander017 years ago
I have an interest in pyrotechnics, explosives, etc etc, anything that make a bang, boom, or flash. Only problem is, I live in Canada, and all of the websites listed here only ship to the US. I know that you can get KNO3 from fertilizer, but what about other chemicals?
gizmogadjet7 years ago
a simple flash powder can be made from potassium cholrate or sodiun cholrate and sulphur and aluminium powder....2 cholrate, 2 aluminium and 1 sulphur. all of them finely powdered( 400 - 600 mesh or better). can be ignited with match , fuse or any ignitor. ENJOY!!!!
old dude7 years ago
Careful,respectful,and above all think,smallest quantities if you must. Hopefully you'll get an education without hurting yourself or others.jac 1461, don't pack it,you approach "critical mass" by packing it, that means "BOOM", cut back to 1/5th of the volume of your container and let it fluffy up, OK. I do professional fireworks and have several years and licenses for related stuff, so I train crews and transport with D.O.T endorsements. I even get to train Firefighters and police. So it's OK to learn but be careful, I started out just like you, only a little younger. Keep it up, and when you get to be 18, I would hope you join one of my crews. Fireworks are to share, Don't you just love it?
I'm 19. What are these "crews" you speak of?
Favorite, Maybe I'll define differently,ya have to excuse me cuz I normally speak "engineering language" so ask more questions if I don't quit understand what you are asking. Crews consist of individuals seeking the thrill of the big "boom" up close but not too close. Generally I allow 1 person per senior crew member to train and no more than 3 rookies per show.
Fireworks display "crews", We setup displays that you and nearly everyone has enjoyed most of our lives. Others include Demolition "crews" blasting "crews", mostly in this context of EXPLOSIVES groups 1-4.
jac14617 years ago
Im 14 and me and my friend have been making 50g batches of KNO3+AL+S and compressing them then setting alight, it sparks a lot like a small firework but never actually explodes. I think we should start using KCLO4 instead what do you think?
AKA the A8 years ago
If you fire up more than 5 grams of this nice little substance, it will explode even without a container... so watch out!! it's more powerfull then you think...
Are you a professional pyrotechnician or just an explosive expert? you sure know a lot about anything dangerous/awesome.
Ian019 years ago
You must register your flash powder or you get that annoying message on all the pictures you take of it :)